The Canyons Board of Education is comprised of seven elected community leaders who are responsible for establishing education policy for the children who attend school in Utah’s newest school district. The Board of Education works to create and implement a vision for public education that is focused on student achievement, innovative practices, community engagement, customer service and fiscal accountability. To that end, the Board strives to support a school system that is responsive to patrons and ensures every student is prepared for college and careers when they graduate from high school. 

What We Do

The Board of Education works with the Superintendent and Business Administrator to guarantee the judicious use of taxpayer funds while providing leadership that promotes increased student achievement at all grade levels. The Board approves administrative appointments, decides policies and procedures, meets regularly in open session to deliberate and decide the public's business, conducts Town Hall constituency meetings to maintain relationships with patrons, and advocates for the continued support of public education.

Board Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement
Canyons School District is a public education system dedicated to delivering a high-quality education to students, valuing and rewarding the vital contributions of employees, and helping learners of all ages to be prepared for meaningful life opportunities. We value transparency and collaboration in governance. We work together with families, employees and community partners to establish and maintain safe, supportive, and academically challenging school environments which strengthen neighborhoods and communities.
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Mission Statement
Every student who attends Canyons School District will graduate college- and career-ready.

• Student Achievement
• Community Engagement
• Customer Service
• Innovation
• Fiscal Accountability 

Core Value and Belief Statements 
• We aspire to continuously improve 
• We believe everyone can learn
• We build public trust and confidence through transparency
• We strive for excellence
• We are guided by evidence while encouraging innovation and creativity
• We collaborate to deliver the best outcomes
• We act with integrity and build relationships through mutual respect
• We care deeply about what we do and how we do it
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