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The Office of Student Advocacy and Access proactively engages educators, parents, families and community partners to provide equitable opportunities for an academically enriching and supportive educational experience that allows ALL students to thrive and graduate college and career ready.

Excellent and Equitable Outcomes for All Students

The Office of Student Advocacy and Access is responsible for preschool through twelfth grade student support programs funded through the US Department of Education and the Utah State Office of Education.  This department provides supplemental support to students who are:

  • Economically disadvantaged
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse
  • Homeless
  • Migrants or refugees
  • Native American

The department operates Family Literacy Centers to support parents’ involvement with their children’s education.  Parents can:

  • Learn English
  • Develop computer skills
  • Earn a high school GED

Student Advocacy and Access provides professional development to teachers who wish to:

  • Earn an ESL Endorsement
  • Use technology to enhance instruction
  • Build skills in working with at-risk students

This department actively seeks grants to strengthen the support given to schools.

Name Position Phone
Karen Sterling Director 801-826-5110
Beverly Herrmann Alternative Language Services Administrator 801-826-5454
Steve Guerrero Administrative Assistant 801-826-5117
Laurie Mecham Administrative Assistant 801-826-5111
Katelyn Christensen Bilingual SLP 801-826-5082
Connie Crosby McKinney-Vento Liaison 801-826-5396
Mirna Lundquist Family Learning Center Specialist 801-826-5118
Matthew Emerson Federal Programs Specialist 801-826-5153
Amy Buckley Federal Programs Specialist 801-826-5496
Dawn Moon ALS Instructional Assistant 801-826-5367
Kaya LePrey Title VI Community Outreach/McKinney-Vento Clerical Suport 801-826-5192
Maria Peck Translation/Interpretation Services/ALS Facilitator 801-826-5432
Victor Rivero Migrant Outreach/Refugee Services 801-826-5493
Niloufar Sanatinia Bilingual Psychologist 801-826-5455
Michele Vogeler Title I Community Schools Specialist 801-826-5023
Steph Wanner Data Specialist 801-826-5426
Family Learning Centers
Family Learning Centers 801-826-5223
Keyla Myers Copperview Elementary FLC 801-826-8178
Claudia Mago East Midvale Elementary FLC 801-826-8387
Karen Rodriguez Midvale Elementary FLC 801-826-8725
Beatriz Jones Sandy Elementary FLC 801-826-9355
Parents As Teachers 
Roxanne Rawlings PAT Teacher Specialist 801-826-5203
Cassady Daynes Parents as Teachers / Parent Educator 801-826-5125
Patricia Henao Parents as Teachers / Parent Educator 801-826-5104
Nancy Powell Parents as Teachers / Parent Educator 801-826-5147
Cheryl Wilcox Parents as Teachers / Parent Educator 801-826-5159
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