Halloween may be the spookiest night of the year, but not for the reasons many parents think.

While families fret about stranger danger and America’s sugar-fueled obesity epidemic, the most pressing danger is auto-pedestrian accidents. Pedestrian fatalities nearly double on Halloween, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation: 30 percent of all crash fatalities on Oct. 31 involve pedestrians, compared to 16 percent on an average day.

The heightened risk stems from the combination of having fewer daylight hours in the fall with still relatively warm temperatures, which translates to busier sidewalks and crosswalks, says Canyons District’s Risk Management Coordinator Kevin Ray. “These accidents are heartbreaking and 100 percent preventable, which is why we ask drivers and pedestrians to be extra vigilant this time of year.”

Ray recommends that trick-or-treaters wear brightly-colored costumes, carry flashlights or glow sticks, and be sure to make eye-contact with drivers before crossing the street. “When it’s dark, it can be difficult to see drivers’ faces, which is why it’s best to assume they haven’t seen you unless they’ve come to a full stop.”

Following are a few more tips to keep your costumed superheroes and princesses safe.

For drivers:
  • Put the phone down!
  • Stay well below the posted speed limit.
  • Pay attention to what’s happening on sidewalks and roadways. Watch for children darting across streets, especially between parked cars.
  • Be extra alert when pulling in and out of driveways.
  • Do not assume children can see you or are paying attention.
  • Do not pass other vehicles that have stopped in the roadway. They could be dropping off children.
  • If you are driving to a Halloween party, put that mask on after you park the car.

For trick-or-treaters:
  • Make sure drivers see the children. Give them flashlights and glow sticks. Dress kids in bright, reflective clothing or use reflective tape on their costumes.
  • Use makeup rather than masks, so children have a clear unobstructed view of their surroundings.
  • Be sure children know how to cross a street —look left, right, and left again before crossing.
  • Instruct children to stay on sidewalks and to cross only at corners or crosswalks.
  • Accompany your children as they trick-or-treat.

School children on parade through the halls of elementary schools in the Canyons School District
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  • These sporting students stand out in the classroom and on the field, court, track or links. Twenty-five Canyons District athletes were presented Academic All-State Awards this fall for excelling in sports while maintaining high grade point averages.

    The awards are announced each sports season by the Utah High School Activities Association with this latest round going to athletes in football, volleyball, cross country, boys golf, girls tennis and girls soccer.  

    CSD’s All-State awardees boast a combined grade point average (GPA) of 4.0: 

    6A Football, 4.0 Combined GPA
    Bassel Tekarli, Hillcrest 

    5A Football, 4.0 Combined GPA
    McCoy Didericksen, Alta 
    Zachary Larson, Brighton 
    Michael Petty, Corner Canyon 

    5A Volleyball, 4.0 Combined GPA
    Brieann Ingles, Brighton
    Kaitlin Beelek, Corner Canyon

    6A Girls Soccer, 4.0 Combined GPA
    Madison Hooper, Hillcrest
    Madeline Martin, Hillcrest

    5A Girls Soccer, 4.0 Combined GPA
    Brynnae Braun, Brighton
    Makenzie Easton, Corner Canyon
    Madison Westerlind, Corner Canyon
    Anna Jensen, Jordan
    6A Girls Tennis, 4.0 Combined GPA
    Jessica Rimmasch, Hillcrest
    Jessica Ulrich, Hillcrest

    5A Girls Tennis, 4.0 Combined GPA
    Lauren Clark, Brighton
    Peyton Naylor, Jordan

    5A Boys Golf, 3.986 Combined GPA
    Zachary Cheney, Jordan

    6A Cross Country, 4.0 Combined GPA
    Emma Timmerman, Hillcrest
    Jonathan Croft, Hillcrest

    5A Cross Country, 4.0 Combined GPA
    Claudia Caten, Brighton
    Emily Johansen, Brighton
    Raili Jenkins, Corner Canyon
    William Duzett, Brighton
    Justin Richard, Brighton
    Trevor Lawson, Corner Canyon
    Monday, 23 October 2017 22:23

    The Curtain is Rising on Fall Musicals

    Dust off your roller skates and pull out your leg warmers. It’s time to relive the ‘80s.

    Fall musicals are in full swing, and next up on the performing arts calendar is Brighton High’s production of Xanadu on Oct. 26, 27 and 30 at 7 p.m. and on Oct. 28 at 2 p.m. The show will be performed at Brighton’s auditorium.

    Like the multi-hued leaves decorating the Wasatch Mountain range, this year’s fall theatre lineup is perhaps one of the most diverse on record. Whatever type of theater you love, CSD has something for you. Following is a list of performances and dates.  Tickets can be purchased at each school’s box office. 

    • Alta: “The Wizard of Oz,” Nov. 14-20
    • Brighton: “Xanadu,” Oct. 26-28 and 30
    • Corner Canyon: “The Little Mermaid,” Nov. 18, 20
    • Hillcrest: “Les Miserables,” Nov.16-18, 20
    • Jordan:  "The Addams Family," Nov. 9, 10, 11, and 13
    With better insulating materials and sustainable building products, today’s schools are more energy efficient than those built 50, or even 20, years ago, which translates to lower energy bills and an immediate cost savings for taxpayers.

    As schools and school districts grow larger, however, to meet demands of growing student populations, those energy gains can be quickly wiped out. Yet Canyons District has managed to reduce its carbon footprint by 39 percent over the past eight years — even with the addition of 1 million square feet of new construction.

    Since Canyons’ inception, the District has worked to address the life safety and technological deficiencies of the aging stock of buildings it received from a previous school district while also planning for growth. Among 13 major school improvement projects financed with proceeds from a bond approved by voters in 2010 were the construction of the first high school and middle school in Draper.

    Yet, even with these new buildings and the added burden of having to power modern teaching tools, CSD’s conservation efforts have reduced carbon emissions by 39 percent since 2009. That’s the equivalent of taking 1,473 cars off the road per year, says Chris Eppler, CSD’s Energy Conservation Specialist.

    The energy savings is partially due to a push to place mechanical systems in unoccupied mode when schools aren’t being used, while the rest is tied to heating, cooling and lighting upgrades, Eppler says. “It really comes down to doing things right. If you repair, build and operate schools correctly with an attention to quality, you will reduce energy consumption while keeping classrooms more comfortable.”

    For his environmental stewardship, Eppler has received numerous awards, including being named an Energy Pioneer by Utah Gov. Gary Herbert. His conservation efforts have not only saved money but have resulted in better learning environments for thousands of children.

    Among other steps CSD has taken over the years to cultivate healthy schools:

    WATER USAGE: Canyons is doing its part to curb water usage; the district has about 370 acres of turf to maintain. With a $15,000 grant from the Central Utah Water Conservancy District, CSD hired and trained students to help survey, monitor and adjust school water schedules based on the root zone, type of grass, shade, soil type and evaporation rate. In July 2014, the district used 16.5 million gallons less than in July 2012 and 9.5 million gallons less than in July 2013. 

    RADON TESTING: The District was recently honored by the Utah Division of Environmental Quality for its radon-testing program. CSD is the only district in Utah that regularly tests schools for radon with all buildings tested at least every two years.

    NO IDLING: On Earth Day, 2016 Canyons became the first school district in Utah to go idle free at all of its campuses. The campaign kicked off early in the morning at Ridgecrest elementary school where no-idling signs were installed and students greeted drivers with placards, informational pamphlets and window clings to place in vehicles. Eventually, signs were placed at all Canyons schools and no-idling pledges were sent home with students, encouraging parents to voluntarily pledge to “turn their key and be idle free.”

    The Draper Park Vikings raided the trophy table at the Canyons District Middle School Intramurals Cross Country Championship Race.

    The school dominated the ninth-annual event, held Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017, at Union Middle.

    First-place overall trophies were awarded to both of the Draper Park Middle boys and girls teams. Students from the Draper-area school took home 11 of the 24 individual trophies. 

    Second place went to the Indian Hills girls and Butler boys teams. Third place went to Butler girls and Eastmont boys teams. 

    The cross-country race includes the top three male runners and top three female runners in each grade from all eight CSD middle schools.

    The event marks the beginning of the 2017-2018 CSD Middle School Intramurals season. Now in its ninth year, the CSD intramurals program offers students competitive athletic and academic events in which everyone is welcome to participate.

    This year, students also will participate in chess, 3-on-3 basketball, and soccer.

    Individual cross country winners are: 

    Boys Individual Results

    Top 3 Overall
    • McKay Wells — Draper Park
    • Steve Oler — Draper Park
    • Adam Kohlmann — Butler
    Top 8th Grade Boys
    • Steve Oler — Draper Park
    • Adam Kohlmann — Butler
    • Tanner Partridge — Draper Park
    Top 7th Grade Boys
    • Andre Engh — Draper Park
    • Brighton Birth — Eastmont (tie)
    • Tyler Goldfine — Mount Jordan (tie)
    • Jacob Tanner — Eastmont
    Top 6th Grade Boys
    • McKay Wells — Draper Park
    • Grayson Milne — Draper Park
    • Patrick Toone — Butler 
    Boys Team Results
    • Draper Park
    • Indian Hills
    • Butler
    Girls Individual Results

    Top 3 Overall
    • Caroline Rupper — Butler
    • Breanne Kennard — Draper Park
    • Ella Feinauer — Union

    Top 8th Grade Girls
    • Caroline Rupper — Butler 
    • Ella Feinauer — Union
    • Avery Hartey — Draper Park

    Top 7th Grade Girls
    • Chelsey Morton — Indian Hills
    • Teya Snowder — Union
    • Blair Walkbilling — Butler
    Top 6th Grade Girls
    • Breanne Kennard — Draper Park
    • Sarah Seamons — Eastmont
    • Kelsey Diciana — Draper Park 
    Girls Team Results                                                                                                       
    • Draper Park
    • Butler
    • Eastmont
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