Teachers of the Year

IMG_3653.jpgMore than any variable in education, teachers matter. They mentor and motivate, inspire and innovate. Teachers are the foundation of any community’s efforts to ensure that children grow into curious, civic-minded and productive contributors to the society around them. Indeed, teaching is the profession that creates all other professions.
But what makes for a great educator? As poet William Butler Yeats once said, “Education is the not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” For examples of those who spark the love of learning in Canyons students, look no further than the 47 men and women who have been selected as the 2018 school Teachers of the Year. Each was nominated by peers, parents and students for their school’s top-teacher honor, for which they received donated gifts and prizes from local business parents.
These phenomenal educators are now under consideration for the 2018 Canyons District Teacher of the Year award, which will be announced a special Board of Education recognitions event on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 in the Professional Development Center of the Canyons Administration Building-East, 9361 S. 300 East. A reception will begin at 7 p.m. The announcement ceremony, during which every honored teacher will receive a crystal award from the Board of Education, starts at 7:30 p.m. A top teacher from every level — elementary, middle and high school — will be announced, and the overall first-place pick will receive a $1,000 check from the Canyons Education Foundation. The winner also will represent Canyons in the best-in-the-state contest. Please join us on Tuesday, April 24 to celebrate the contributions of Canyons District teachers — and find out who will be announced as CSD’s Teacher of the Year.

Teachers of the Year 2018

  • Alta View Elementary - Jamie Richardson
    JAMIE_RICHARDSON_Photo.jpgFor the Teacher of the Year honor, Jamie Richardson received 20 nominations, including 16 from former students, all singing the praises of a teacher who employs all of the tricks of the trade to help her students. For example, on test day, Richardson gives her students candy to chew so they won’t be nervous. Richardson has become the go-to model of stellar instruction for the school and her students don’t want to miss even a day in her classroom.  She serves on the school’s Building Leadership Team, Student Support Team and is the Report Card Specialist. She even knows how to keep the kindergarteners quiet in the hallways before school.  For all of these reasons and more, Richardson is Alta View Elementary’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Altara Elementary - Marcy Hadean
    MARCY_HADEAN_Photo.jpgMarcy Hadean is so well-loved by Altara Elementary’s community she receives annual nominations in favor of her being chosen as the school’s Teacher of the Year. Her time has finally come. Colleagues say Hadean is an amazing teacher in so many ways, and the evidence is in the fact that her classes receive some of the highest benchmark and SAGE scores in the school. She uses her passion for teaching to turn negative behaviors into positive experiences, even as she collaborates with her colleagues and creates a safe environment in her classroom. The Altara community is pleased to present Hadean as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Bell View Elementary - Brandie Gardner
    BRANDIE_DYSON_Photo.jpgBrandie Gardner’s students appreciate their teacher’s ability to always be kind. She doesn’t yell, and when things get hard, as one student said, “She never says, ‘Do it yourself.’” Instead, anytime Gardner walks into a room, she asks if there is something she can do to help. Parents say Gardner’s skills make Bell View a happier place to be.  She is the face of optimism in all her roles.  That includes membership on the Building Leadership Team, the adviser of the Student Council and manager of the Safety Patrol. With Gardner, every day is a new day and a new start. That’s why she’s Bell View’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Bella Vista Elementary - Rebecca Randolph
    REBECCA_RANDOLPH_Photo.jpgIn Rebecca Randolph’s third-grade classroom at Bella Vista Elementary, book reports are something to behold. Students build their reports on a computer, then demonstrate their interactive projects on a green screen for their parents and the entire school to see. Colleagues say Randolph has been a great asset to the school from the day she began. She helps other teachers, cares about the community, and focuses on each child individually. As a team player who is always looking for ways to create innovative learning opportunities, Randolph has been chosen as Bella Vista’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Brookwood Elementary - Whitney Lund
    WHITNEY_LUND_Photo.jpgIt’s hard to say what kids are most excited about when they head to Whitney Lund’s third grade class at Brookwood Elementary. It could be researching their favorite science topic and presenting it to the class as a “science scholar.”  Or it could be the book club she hosts in her room during lunch on Fridays. Maybe it’s the excitement they feel when Lund sparks their imaginations in English language arts, or her ability to recognize students for a job well done. Lund’s infectious positive attitude has even caught the attention of parents who say their children can’t wait to go to class in the morning and do their homework in the afternoon. Brookwood is pleased to select Lund as the 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Butler Elementary - Parys Lightel
    PARYS_LIGHTEL_Photo.jpgAsk anyone at Butler Elementary what makes Parys Lightel shine and you might hear how she uses music and performance to teach her fourth-graders about Utah history. You might hear that she taught her students how to square dance, or that she organized the WatchDOG Dads program at the school, and coordinated all of the volunteers to make it work. She runs the Techniteers program after school and found a way to reward good behavior in her class with a Camp Out day — complete with sleeping bags, camp fires and actual S’mores. But the best evidence of Lightel’s brightness comes from how much she is loved by her students. It is with that love that Butler Elementary has chosen Lightel as the 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Canyon View Elementary - Carolyn Armstrong
    CAROLYN_ARMSTRONG_Photo.jpgPeople say that Canyon View Elementary has its very own Mary Poppins in the building. She sings, is cheerful, has high expectations — and is practically perfect in every way. Carolyn Armstrong may not have the ability to lead her class into a sidewalk chalk painting, but she does have a plethora of tricks that magically make every student enthusiastic about learning. Her positive personality leaves a lasting impact on Canyon View’s community, and the school is pleased to announce that Armstrong is the 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Copperview Elementary - Holly Senter
    HOLLY_SENTER_Photo.jpgFor some teachers, old habits die hard. When Holly Senter first arrived at Copperview Elementary, she was the school’s physical education teacher. Now that she teaches third grade, she still finds ways to have fun — and often joins in games with her students. She started Field Day and organized obstacle courses for the school to help develop a sense of unity, and she has earned a reputation for helping difficult students calm down, even if they’re not in her class. Senter goes with the flow with a can-do attitude and is always fun to the core. Copperview is excited to honor her as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Crescent Elementary - Casey Draper
    CASEY_DRAPER_Photo.jpgAt Crescent Elementary, Casey Draper understands that being a teacher often means reaching beyond the classroom into the community. Draper is a leader in the building when it comes to student success, but she also reaches past that sphere to impact the Crescent community. In November, she organized and ran the school’s food drive. In March, she organized art supply bags to donate to a homeless shelter, and she is always looking for people who might need a hug, some well wishes, or even a little chocolate. Draper is known as Crescent’s “can-do girl,” and it is with great pleasure she has been chosen as Crescent’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Draper Elementary - Amy Brand
    Some may say that fourth-grade teacher Amy Brand is the glue that holds Draper Elementary together. When times are tough, she has the positivity and understanding to buoy her fellow teachers and boost her students to know they can be successful. Brand helps kids feel welcome and loved in her warm, inviting classroom. Her happy and friendly demeanor, paired with her consummate professionalism, have made Brand a favorite at Draper Elementary.  The Dragons are proud to announce Brand as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • East Midvale Elementary - Andrew Farley
    ANDREW_FARLEY_Photo.jpgAs an avid outdoorsman who spent time in Patagonia, Andrew Farley has a spirit that can’t be dimmed. He finds ways to have an adventure every day at East Midvale Elementary, whether by helping the kindergarten students walk correctly to lunch or by giving advice to his fellow teachers — and not just on the best way to bike the back country. Farley always has a smile as he makes school a fun and exciting place to be. He is firm, yet fair, and his methods have helped his students become more proficient readers, more adept at solving math problems, and more socially aware of their fellow students. For these reasons, Farley has been chosen as East Midvale’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • East Sandy Elementary - Jessica Greene
    JESSICA_GREENE_Photo.jpgOne might say that Jessica Greene embodies the wise words of Dumbledore, who, in her favorite “Harry Potter” series once said, “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” At East Sandy, Greene is the first to offer to help, the one who walks students to the door after her after-school program, the one who keeps everyone happy and the one who can see the solution when difficulties arise. She’s also the one who loves the Boy Wizard the most. Because she is a magical problem-solver, listener and true professional, Greene has been selected as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Edgemont Elementary - LuAnn Hill
    LUANN_HILL2_Photo.jpgLuAnn Hill’s influence is felt throughout Edgemont Elementary. Not only does she plan, teach, and evaluate curriculum for six different grades in the school, but she coordinates and cooperates with every teacher in the building. Hill follows through with students and rewards them with a drool-worthy class store and a bevy of charts and tricks to help them succeed in their general education classes. Then, as adviser to Edgemont’s student council, Hill inspires her students to recycle all the paper in the school and run fundraisers for the American Heart Association. For these reasons and more, Edgemont is happy to announce Hill as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Granite Elementary - Terri Petersen
    TERRI_PETERSEN_Photo.jpgTerri Petersen’s dedication to her students is unmatched. She truly cares about each child at Granite Elementary and continually researches new ways to ensure she is providing what is best for each one. She helps parents find resources to support the whole-child concept in learning and parenting and is active in helping children discover what is special and about themselves and how they matter to the community. Because she is a model teacher who fosters a loving environment for children to learn and explore, Peterson has been selected as Granite’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Lone Peak Elementary - Michelle Mickelsen
    MICHELE_MICKELSEN_Photo.jpgThere’s a special place at Lone Peak Elementary where students and visitors alike can experience a warmth, support, and motivation that is unique to Michelle Mickelsen’s classroom. Some say you might immediately feel the enchantment as soon as you enter her room, listen to her speaking in calm and comforting tones, and watch as she helps students realize they are in charge of their own learning destiny. Her students know they can meet her expectations and achieve their goals because she is there to help. And Mickelsen constantly strives to continue her own learning journey, as well, always looking for opportunities to progress. Lone Peak Elementary is proud to name Mickelsen as the school’s Teacher of the Year.
  • Midvale Elementary - Nicole Woodmansee
    NICOLE_WOODMANSEE_Photo.jpgNicole Woodmansee of Midvale Elementary is a woman of many talents. She takes on challenges without batting an eye, whether it’s switching from a regular education second-grade class to teaching the English side of a Spanish Dual Language Immersion class, or switching from an English Dual Language Immersion class to being the school’s resource teacher, Woodmansee follows her motto: “Don’t quit! Never give up!” She stays calm when students are in crisis mode, and she is loving and patient with her kids. Colleagues say wherever Woodmansee has been planted, she blooms. Midvale Elementary is proud to choose Woodmansee as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Midvalley Elementary - Sherry Nance
    SHERRY_NANCE_Photo.jpgSometimes there’s a rush at the end of the day to get things wrapped up and get out the door, but not in Sherry Nance’s classroom at Midvalley. Nance will drop everything to make sure she is helping students with whatever they need, and if a parent unexpectedly needs a moment five minutes after class time, the fourth-grade team leader will put everything else on hold to help. Coworkers say Nance immediately responds with patience and support. She generously shares ideas, lessons and materials, and she knows her students’ strengths and weaknesses. She starts the day on a positive note with her daily “morning meeting,” and carries that positivity until the last bell rings and beyond. Midvalley Elementary is excited to present Nance as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Oak Hollow Elementary - Joani Bell
    JOANI_BELL_Photo.jpgWhat happens when you take a former music teacher and put her in kindergarten? Magic. In Joani Bell’s kindergarten class at Oak Hollow Elementary, students learn songs about colors, letters, shapes, patriotism, math facts, spelling and letter sounds. Many 5-year-olds leap from lagging to mastering math homework without help, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, reading, writing sight words, counting to 10 in Spanish and French and recognizing rhyming words. In Bell’s class, learning feels like playing, and her kindergarteners love to learn every day. Oak Hollow is proud to select Bell as the 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Oakdale Elementary - Brett Jewkes
    BRETT_JEWKES_Photo.jpgIt could be said that Brett Jewkes’ favorite place in his classroom is on the floor. He’s often seen down on the carpet with his students, working on a difficult skill or new concept. But his concern for his kids goes beyond the walls of his room. Jewkes saw a safety issue with the way Oakdale students leave school, so he created a drop-off and pick-up system to help parents come and go. He runs the school’s Tech Troupe, hosts parent information meetings to teach them how to log on to the school’s systems, is the Canyons Education Association representative and report card representative, and is generally known as Oakdale’s best team player. For these reasons, he is Oakdale’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Park Lane Elementary - Brett Williams
    BRETT_WILLIAMS_Photo.jpgBrett Williams will stop at nothing to put a smile on the faces of students at Park Lane, even if it means dressing up like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in front of the entire school, complete with green sleeves and a yellow shell. Williams is known as an advocate for struggling kids. He brings laughter and excitement into teaching, uses technology in class every day, and is creative at finding ways to help all kids learn. He is energetic, reliable and authentic, and his willingness to always push for his students’ success is one more reason he has been chosen as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Peruvian Park Elementary - Annette Marchant
    ANNETTE_MARCHANT_Photo.jpgAnnette Marchant has an unbounded energy that can best be described by two professions she might otherwise rock in another life: dancing queen and cheerleader. Peruvian Park Elementary gets a kick out of Marchant’s propensity to bust a move whenever music is played, but they know that any time a colleague achieves success their favorite teacher will be the first to jump up and cheer. Her enthusiasm works with students.  The reading rates of her students has skyrocketed since the start of the school year.  Now Peruvian Park Elementary is excited to cheer for Marchant as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Quail Hollow Elementary - Joni Gallacher
    JONI_GALLACHER_Photo.jpgThere are days when every teacher could use an extra hand in the classroom, but it’s a task to get helpers where they’re needed. At Quail Hollow Elementary, Joni Gallacher solved that problem by creating a schedule to organize volunteers who come in to support students with whatever they need. She works with parents to set goals and implement ideas to help her class shine. She is positive, creative, well-organized and respected by all of her colleagues. In short, Gallacher is an all-star, and Quail Hollow is happy to honor her as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Ridgecrest Elementary - Amanda Lundberg
    AMANDA_LUNDBERG_Photo.jpgFirst-grade teacher Amanda Lundberg is known as the “reading whisperer” at Ridgecrest Elementary. She is able to find different ways to meet the specific needs of each student, even as she helps them to realize that struggling is learning and tough work is exciting. She is the queen of teaching phonics, fellow teachers say, and she has developed a stack of songs to help her students with difficult subjects. Her work is evident in her class’ accomplishments. In the fall, 38 percent of her students were at benchmark for Math computation. By winter, 95 percent were at benchmark. Every day she tells her kids, “If nobody has told you yet this morning that they love you, remember Mrs. L. does.” For these reasons and more, Lundberg has been chosen as Ridgecrest’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Sandy Elementary - Jacinda Meranda
    JACINDA_MERANDA_Photo.jpgWhen Jacinda Meranda rules the world, all students at every school will be supported in every way possible. Their strengths will drive the classroom instruction they receive, and no child will ever participate in an event without a host of teachers, family, and friends cheering for them. As a fifth-grade teacher at Sandy Elementary, Meranda is known for her ability to build strong relationships with the most challenging kids. She knows what makes them tick, and she helps them be responsible for their actions and become emotionally and academically prepared to enter middle school. She’s not yet Madam President, but she does oversee the Student Council, and her Sharks are well on their way to making life — and the world — better for everyone. For all of these reasons, Meranda has been chosen as Sandy Elementary’s 2018 Teacher of the year.
  • Silver Mesa Elementary - Lisa Coleman
    LISA_COLEMAN_Photo.jpgLisa Coleman’s second-grade class at Silver Mesa is a kind of Xanadu where excitement is high, the pacing is spot on, and any time you pass by the door, you might hear the sounds of students giving a cheer to a classmate or teaching one another the concepts of the day. Coleman is said to have the biggest heart in the school, and is sure to go the extra mile and then some to make sure her students understand the correct answers and how to get there. She is on the Building Leadership Team, School Community Council and the staff social committee. Silver Mesa is proud to present Lisa Coleman as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Sprucewood Elementary - Terri Avery
    TERRI_AVERY_Photo.jpgThere is an overwhelming feeling when students enter Terri Avery’s class at Sprucewood that they are loved and cared for. As some of the school’s youngest students, Avery’s first-graders could be loud, disorganized and overwhelmed by the excitement of school — but they aren’t. Instead, Avery loves her students and they love her. She keeps her classroom on task with a calm voice, perfects lesson plans, and arranges activities and rewards so her students can be successful. For all of these reasons, and so much more, Terri Avery is Sprucewood’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Sunrise Elementary - Lorraine Lapadat
    LORRAINE_LAPADAT_Photo.jpgIf it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a tribe to provide an education. According to one parent, Lorraine Lapadat at Sunrise Elementary is a valued and trusted member of her son’s tribe, the circle of people who care enough to fight for him. The third-grade SALTA teacher is explicit in her expectations and tenacious in her work ethic. She truly instills a love of learning in her students. Several parents said their children have so much fun in Lapadat’s class they don’t realize they are doing school work.  Sunrise Elementary is happy to present Lapadat as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Willow Canyon Elementary - Alice Erickson
    ALICE_ERICKSON_Photo.jpgWe all know what it’s like to be embarrassed, especially when you’re heading to school as a first-grader and you don’t quite know the ropes. But Willow Canyon’s Alice Erickson makes a point of establishing a level of safety in her classroom that allows students to feel comfortable asking questions. They know nobody will be teased for not knowing an answer. The same thing applies to Erickson’s coworkers. Whenever fellow teachers have a question, they are met with a calm demeanor and patience that encourages everyone to seek her advice. Erickson teaches students to be kind and love learning, and for all of these reasons, she has been chosen as Willow Canyon’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Willow Springs Elementary - Melody Watson
    MELODY_WATSON_Photo.jpgMelody Watson could teach you a history lesson on the way a school can change over the years. She has been at Willow Springs Elementary since the Draper-area school opened, and has survived many modifications, from teaching year-round school to switching back to traditional, changing grades and learning new technology. Now she is one of the school’s technology experts, as the first to introduce a one-to-one, technology-infused classroom at Willow Springs. Through it all, she expects every student to succeed, and is an example of what the words “work ethic” mean. For these reasons, she is Willow Springs’ 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Albion Middle - Emma Coates
    EMMA_COATES_Photo.jpgHere’s a tip for anyone at Albion Middle who is having a bad day. Take a trip down the hall to visit Emma Coates’ classroom. Even on a Monday, she’ll make you smile. She always has a smile of her own, a quick joke, or a quirky story to lift the spirits of anyone around her. She is known as the unsung hero of Albion, with the uncanny ability to find students in the school who feel invisible and lonely and make them feel powerful, capable and successful. Her students praise Coates for the ability to make school a happier place to be while providing fun and interesting instruction. For these reasons and more, Albion Middle is excited to announce Coates as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Butler Middle - Paul Fonnesbeck
    PAUL_FONNESBECK_Photo.jpgAt Butler Middle, students, teachers and co-workers give an “aaayyyy” and two thumbs-up to Paul Fonnesbeck, a Healthy Lifestyles Teacher known to the school as “Fonzie.” Maybe the “Happy Days”-inspired nickname came because Fonnesbeck makes everything cool, from physical education to health. He works with the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center to expand PE classes so students can experience swimming, ice skating, pickle ball and wallyball. Fonzie may have 400 students, but he reaches out to each one and finds a way to connect with humor and passion, patience and kindness. Congratulations to Fonnesbeck, Butler Middle’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Draper Park Middle - Krista Dodds
    KRISTA_DODDS_Photo.jpgWatch out world, the students in Krista Dodds’ Language Arts class are coming for you. They’re only in seventh grade at Draper Park, but they’re already learning skills that could make them key competitors for a number of careers. They know how to take an idea and make it real. In Dodds’ class, they create a concept for a basic student staple — cereal — then they research the product, use technology to create commercials and establish marketing schemes to persuade others to try it. Administrators say Dodd is solutions-oriented, communicative with parents, and an asset to the school. For these reasons, Draper Park Middle has chosen Dodds as the 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Eastmont Middle - Corey Jensen
    COREY_JENSEN_Photo.jpgCorey Jensen knows the importance of being prepared, and it’s earned him a bit of a reputation at Eastmont Middle. He’s known as one of the first teachers to arrive at school each day and the last one to leave the building at night. He spends a majority of that time responding to the individual needs of his students and getting ready to be the best he can be. Students flock to Jensen’s room because he is kind and understanding, and his enthusiasm every day is infectious. Fellow teachers are grateful for his flexibility and willingness to help however he can, and Eastmont Middle is honored to select Jensen as the 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Indian Hills Middle - Samantha Sirrine
    SAMANTHA_SIRRINE_Photo.jpgSamantha Sirrine has a motto that summarizes her drive in the classroom. She says, “Kindness is cool — don’t forget about it.” As she helps new sixth-grade students at Indian Hills Middle navigate the sometime-scary hallways of a new middle school, she leads her students through a kindness moment each week, in which her class has the opportunity to share what kindness they’ve seen in their week. Sirrine motivates her students to give, and her attitude inspires all she works with every day. For these reasons and more, Indian Hills Middle has chosen Sirrine as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Midvale Middle - Lena Wood
    LENA_WOOD_Photo.jpgLena Wood is such a good orchestra leader one might wonder if the wand she holds while directing her students is magic. As a director of the Canyons Youth Symphony and a teacher at Midvale Middle, she has worked musical miracles with students who are diverse in every way, from personal background to musical experience, and still they regularly receive high rankings at annual competitions. Students are treated with dignity and learn not just the notes and rhythm of the pieces they play, but that they each have a meaningful strength with their instruments.  The Trojans congratulate Wood for being selected as the 2018 Midvale Middle Teacher of the Year.
  • Mount Jordan Middle - Melissa Wilkes
    MELISSA_WILKES_Photo.jpgOne of the key things to know about Melissa Wilkes is that her dedication to teaching knows no boundaries. She is a seventh-grade AVID elective teacher at Mount Jordan Middle, but she’s known for lending a hand anywhere she’s needed, be it in another classroom or with struggling students who aren’t even enrolled in her courses. She volunteers to help any time there isn’t a substitute, and she inspires other teachers to be like her. Because she is a constant shining light of positivity at Mount Jordan, she has been selected as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Union Middle - Dave Christensen
    DAVID_CHRISTENSEN_Photo.jpgAs one of the most veteran teachers at Union Middle, Dave Christensen has built a musical world that allows students to sing, perform and play instruments on a level that exceeds middle school expectations. As the choir, band, guitar, music connections and musical theater teacher at the school, Christensen teaches music that is challenging yet appealing to students. His choirs perform at the Festival of Trees and in a spectacular annual school musical with hundreds of students. Classes learn how to build sets and props, design lighting, and work on costuming, all with fun and discipline. Union Middle is proud to present Dave Christensen as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Alta High - Awbree Summers
    AWBREE_SUMMERS_Photo.jpgAs the special education department chair at Alta High, Awbree Summers’ role is a bit like juggling 100 eggs — and making sure none of them get cracked. She includes special education students in all aspects of Alta, while monitoring their status continually, conducting check-ins, and making sure their IEP accommodations are being met. While she is a master at finding the balance between providing academic and social supports for students, Summers also extends her services to parents as she hosts Parent Nights on educational strategies. Her fun, friendly contributions and positive influence on the Alta community are reasons why she has been chosen as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Brighton High - Natalie Meyer
    NATALIE_MEYER_Photo.jpgNatalie Meyer knows what it takes to create champions, both in and outside of the classroom. Fellow teachers say that Meyer is the definition of dedication as both the math department chair and the tennis coach of the boys and girls teams. She meets with students before and after school — and sometimes even on Saturdays — to help them understand and start to enjoy mathematics. She’s an ace of a coach, too. Meyer, president of the Tennis Coaches’ Association of Utah, has coached teams to eight state championships.  

    It all adds up to this:  Love, set, and match to Meyer, Brighton High’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Corner Canyon High - Amber Rogers
    AMBER_ROGERS_Photo.jpgSome of the adjectives used to describe Amber Rogers include energetic, creative, passionate, dedicated, thorough, fun, objective, interactive, vivacious and supportive. If that wasn’t the culmination of vocabulary greatness, Rogers is also known as the Social Studies department chair at Corner Canyon High, and she makes history sparkle. She creates simulations that make history and government topics tangible, real, and comprehensible, and she inspires others to think differently, without limitations. Rogers’ excellent reputation and admiration by students, peers and parents are more reasons why she has been selected as the Corner Canyon 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Hillcrest High - Alex Mettler
    ALEX_METTLER_Photo.jpgAt Hillcrest High, Alex Mettler may be the teacher who is remembered as the one “who made the biggest impact” on the education of his students.  According to several nomination letters, Mettler’s science classes can be hard, but students want to be there every day. He is prepared and engages students as they learn about animal physical features and habitats and how all of the organisms of the earth interact. Mettler effectively prepares his students for more advanced curriculum, and for his accomplishments, he has been chosen as Hillcrest’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Jordan High - Jacob Chalmers
    JACOB_CHALMERS_Photo.jpgJacob Chalmers has found a way to teach his students the universal language of science, no matter what dialect they speak at home. Even students who are just picking up the English language are able to succeed in Chalmers’ biology class at Jordan High, through instruction that centers on visuals and hands-on activities. Chalmers helps students see they really can achieve their dream of attending college and he is available to help them, whether it’s before or after school, or during the summer. For these reasons, Jordan High is proud to announce Chalmers as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Diamond Ridge High - Amy Skelton
    AMY_SKELTON_Photo.jpgFrom the first day she began as the first hire of Diamond Ridge, Amy Skelton has set the tone and direction for the school. She has earned the respect and trust of other teachers who have since joined her, while managing Diamond Ridge’s counseling accreditation with huge success, and overseeing the needs of the students and teachers. She visits students in their homes and meets with families outside of traditional hours to ensure they feel valued. Because of her ability to create a confidence in success in both teachers and students, Skelton has been selected as the 2018 Teacher of the Year for Diamond Ridge.
  • Canyons Technical Education Center - Jonathan Humphries
    JONATHAN_HUMPHRIES_Photo.jpgIf the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, Jonathan Humphries might say the best way to tackle difficult digital media tasks is bit by bit. The digital media teacher is able to break complicated topics into manageable teaching and learning units. He uses patience as he walks his class through tricky tasks and follows up with individual students. The skills Humphries teaches in computer generated art and video have boosted his students to be regular state winners and national competitors in the SkillsUSA competition. CTEC is proud to present Humphries as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • Jordan Valley School - Deven Perry
    DEVEN_PERRY_Photo.jpgEvery day, Deven Perry motivates and inspires his fellow teachers at Jordan Valley, Canyons’ school for students with severe disabilities. Colleagues say Perry is always willing to drop whatever he is doing to help someone in need. He is a collaborator with a hardworking personality who is always looking for ways he can improve. As a highly respected and admired teacher, Perry motivates and inspires others, and helps students reach their goals. For these reasons, Jordan Valley is proud to present Perry as the school’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.
  • South Park Academy - Angela Davis
    ANGIE_DAVIS2_Photo.jpgAngela Davis has quite a challenge as a high school and Basic Literacy teacher at the Utah State Prison’s correctional facility for women. First, her students face extraordinary struggles and self-destructive attitudes, which she empowers them to overcome. Second, many of her students who are reaching for a high school diploma come to her with math and reading skills that are below the seventh-grade level.  Davis developed a program to address these levels, and she incorporates computer technology, a virtual high school and GED options into her classroom to encourage career- and college-readiness. She embraces challenges and meets problems cheerfully. For all of these reasons, and more, South Park Academy is please to select Angela Davis as the 2018 Teacher of the Year.