School Counseling Program

Utah College and Career Readiness School Counseling Program: 
K-12 Programs strive to have every student in the state of Utah graduate from high school with the skills, knowledge and dispositions essential for success.

1. All students can succeed at high levels if given sufficient support.
2. We value diversity.
3. All students should receive a quality education for the development of the whole child.
4. All students should have access to the skills, knowledge, and dispositions provided by school counseling professionals.
5. All students should graduate with lifelong career decision making and management skills that are necessary to succeed in postsecondary education, training, and the workplace.

A school counseling program is . . .
•   Comprehensive in scope
•   Preventative in design
•   Developmental in nature
•   Student centered
•   Conducted in collaboration
•   Driven by data
•   An integral part of the total education program

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Resource Documents
pdfApplication for Advanced and Honors Diploma 2018
pdfDiploma Options 2017
pdfDiploma Options 2017-2021
pdfDiploma Chart 2017-2021 SPANISH.pdf
pdfDiploma Chart 2022
pdfDiploma Chart 2022 SPANISH.pdf
pdfELA Pathways Chart 2017-18
pdfELA Pathways Chart 2018-19
pdfHealthy Lifestyles Pathways Chart 2017-18
pdfHealthy Life styles Pathways Chart 2018-19
pdfMath Pathways Chart 2017-18
pdfMath Pathways Chart 2018-19
pdfScience Pathways Chart 2017-18
pdfScience Pathways Chart 2018-19
pdfSocial Studies Pathways Chart 2017-18
pdfSocial Studies Pathways Chart 2018-19
pdfWorld Language Pathway Chart 2017-18
pdfWorld Language Pathways Chart 2018-19
pdfHigh School and Middle School Directory

School Counseling Websites

High Schools:
Alta High School
Brighton High School
Corner Canyon High School
Diamond Ridge High School
Hillcrest High School
Jordan High School

Middle Schools:  
Albion Middle School
Butler Middle School
Draper Park Middle School
Eastmont Middle School
Indian Hills Middle School
Midvale Middle School
Mount Jordan Middle School
Union Middle School