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Midvale Middle to Relocate During Reconstruction

Midvale Middle School students will have temporary digs starting next school year.

The Board of Education on Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014 voted to relocate the school community to the old Crescent View building for the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years while the school is rebuilt with proceeds from the $250 million voter-approved bond. The District Transportation Office is arranging to safely transport students to the temporary school location. The relocation is supported by Midvale City leaders.

The old Crescent View, located at 11150 S. 300 East in Sandy, has served as the temporary home to the Mount Jordan Middle School community for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 academic years, during Mount Jordan’s reconstruction. The new Mount Jordan Middle School, also rebuilt with bond proceeds, will be ready to welcome students in fall 2015.

Midvale Middle School reconstruction is scheduled to begin in summer 2015, and be completed in August 2017.
What will the new Butler Elementary provide for students and community members? Plans to rebuild the school as part of the $250 million voter-approved bond are in the works. Architect VCBO is working on site plan concepts at the new school, which would be built on the same campus adjacent to the current footprint, according to the company's presentation to the Canyons Board of Education Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014.

Possible site concepts include "kitchen tables" outside the classrooms for student collaboration and window seats in classrooms. Classroom wings would include a support room for coaching, testing and other support; restrooms; and secure exterior doors to a courtyard area for additional learning opportunities. The building will include a secure vestibule entry.

The new Butler Elementary would be built on a smaller footprint, but have more space than the current school because it would have two levels and be built to hold 800 students – about 200 more than currently attend the school. The idea is to lure some students back to CSD who are attending out-of-district schools on special permits, Canyons CFO Leon Wilcox said.

To listen to VCBO's discussion, visit BoardDocs and click The Oct. 21, 2014 Agenda, Item 2D.
The Canyons Board of Education unanimously voted to rebuild Alta View Elementary  with proceeds from the $250 million bond voters approved in June 2010.

The Board action came at its Oct. 21, 2014 Business Meeting, and  followed months of public input from White City township officials, parents, and the principals and School Community Councils at Alta View and neighboring Bell View and Edgemont elementary schools. Alta View was identified as the school to be rebuilt largely because of its advanced age and condition.

The Board's vote allows the process to design the new school to begin. CSD's school design process includes community members, employees and school and District leaders. The rebuilt Alta View Elementary is slated to open in 2017.
Friday, 10 October 2014 00:00

Eastmont flood damage repair

In July 2014, Eastmont Middle school was unexpectedly flooded. The whole first floor was under water. Due to the flooding the school received a new gym floor, new carpeting and stage floor in the auditorium, new carpeting in the band and choir rooms and there will be new flooring in the hallways. Construction should be finished up in the next several months.

Choir room
Stage floor
  • Gym
  • Choir room
  • Stage floor
  • Backstage
  • Friday, 10 October 2014 00:00

    Mount Jordan Rising

    Mount Jordan Middle School is starting to take shape!

    Lunch room
    South Side of School
    Lunch room
    Mount Jordan Rising
    Mount Jordan Rising
    Lunch room
    Front of school
    View from 2nd floor teacher meeting room
  • Lunch room
  • South Side of School
  • Auditorium
  • Lunch room
  • Mount Jordan Rising
  • Mount Jordan Rising
  • Lunch room
  • Front of school
  • View from 2nd floor teacher meeting room
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