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Seven Canyons District students have earned the opportunity to play side-by-side with members of the Utah Symphony at the All-Star Evening Concert on Tuesday, May 19.

At the event at Abravanel Hall, students will perform Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 alongside their professional counterparts.

The following Canyons student musicians have been chosen for this honor: 
  • Hillcrest — Carl Colby, cello; Connor Madsen, violin
  • Alta — Kyle Blackham, horn; Michael Hodson, violin
  • Jordan — Jade Bliss, clarinet; Kyle LeCheminant, percussion
  • Corner Canyon — Scott Balding, trombone
Students at Jordan Valley School are raising their voices — and their swords — in a musical production of "Mulan," the tale of a young girl who disguises herself to fight in a battle and becomes a heroine in the process.

Teachers and students at Jordan Valley, Canyons District’s school for students with severe disabilities, are performing their annual spring musical at 10:30 a.m. April 1-3.  The parts are adapted to the abilities of the students, and students perform with the help of many aides and teachers. 

The Wednesday, April 1 performance is for staff and students. The Thursday, April 2 and Friday, April 3 shows are for the public.  Please arrive early to get a seat.  If tradition holds, all seats will be taken for every performance.

The show will be staged in the auditorium of the school, 7501 S. 1000 East.

In previous years, Jordan Valley students have shined in such productions as "Peter Pan," "Beauty and the Beast," "The Little Mermaid," and "High School Musical."
Board Action

The Board approved the Consent Agenda, which included the March Hire and Termination Reports and Purchasing Bids. The Purchasing Bids to General Contractors and MHTN architects were ratified for work related to the Brighton High School football turf replacement. Another purchasing bid was approved for Valcom to upgrade network switches at Alta and Hillcrest high schools and Mount Jordan Middle School to ensure the robust network infrastructures needed to handle growth demands.

To view related documents or listen to the discussion, please visit BoardDocs and click on Agenda Items 2A and 2B.
The challenges Michelle Stark faces in her classroom start on the basic level of teaching her students how get up from their chairs on their own, without needing a physical prompt. Her patience, compassion and positivity have brought a feeling of love and support to her classroom at Jordan Valley School. Whether playing her guitar for her students or covering an academic topic, Stark models good teaching practices for her fellow teachers. Her focus on preparing students to be more independent after graduating from Jordan Valley and her positive influence on her coworkers are reasons Stark has been chosen as Jordan Valley’s 2015 Teacher of the Year.
Cindy Krueger is a woman of many talents. She is in the USU Hall of Fame for softball, she taught and coached at Alta High for more than 10 years, and now is on special assignment at Entrada. Krueger’s skills have benefited students across the District. She has established online learning labs at each of the high schools, trained the inaugural Canyons Virtual High School teachers, and became a nationally recognized expert on GRADPoint, a blended learning virtual school and online credit recovery program. Her ability to make personal connections with students who have challenging life experiences and her passion for empowering students to become successful, confident adults are reasons why Krueger has been chosen as Entrada’s 2015 Teacher of the Year.
Brad Charon is a gifted teacher who provides opportunities for his students to participate in challenging, relevant, real-life situations that help them to push their own limits and expand their comfort zones. Parents praise his instruction and creation of the innovative American Problems class at his school. Students clamor to participate in Charon’s classes, and colleagues admire his quiet leadership. For these reasons, Jordan High School is proud to select Charon as the 2015 Teacher of the Year.
If there weren’t enough hours in the day to make sure her students have all of the guidance and support they need, Sunny Allen would probably find a way to freeze time and get it all done. As a teacher of psychology and Theory of Knowledge in Hillcrest’s IB program, Allen regularly tracks her students’ progress and spends numerous hours outside of contract time to meet her students’ needs. She is continually working to improve her teaching skills, and is an active member of the state Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS) program, which is geared toward improving all psychology teachers. For her talents and tireless efforts, Allen has been chosen as Hillcrest’s 2015 Teacher of the Year.
True gratification comes when students focus their energy, skills and knowledge toward furthering a worthy and noble cause,” says Russ Boyer, who uses his role as a Corner Canyon teacher, coach and mentor to help students attain the benefits of a true and complete education. Boyer helps students discover and explore worthy objectives to which they can apply their skills, talents and passions, such as the Teen Safety Driving Nights and Zero Fatality presentations students in his driver education classes provide for the community. Boyer also emphasizes the importance of volunteerism. This year alone, his students have logged more than 4,500 hours of public service. For these reasons and more, Corner Canyon is proud to select Boyer as its 2015 Teacher of the Year.
Marielle Rawle does it all. She motivates her unmotivated students, buoys up her colleagues, and some have even said she is the “gasoline to the motor that is Student Government.” Rawle is organized, driven to make sure that all of her students reach their potential, and has the kind of rapport with her class that inspires them to bring her lunch on her birthday. She also mentors her colleagues, seeks more engaging ways to teach students, and instills a rigor in her classroom that pushes her students to excel. For these reasons and more, Brighton High is proud to select Rawle as the 2015 Teacher of the Year.