The Canyons Board of Education is comprised of seven men and women elected to set excellent education policy for the students of Utah's newest school district. The Board, sworn in on Jan. 8, 2013, is working to create a new vision for public education that is more responsive to constituents and strives to ensure all children are career- and college-ready when they graduate high school.


Back row: Steve Wrigley (Vice President), Sherril H. Taylor (President), Chad Iverson, Robert J. Green
Front row: Kim Horiuchi, Tracy Scott Cowdell, Nancy Tingey (Second Vice President)


The Board of Education serves the communities of Canyons School District by governing the continuous implementation of creative and cost-effective plans and policies that promote and celebrate the highest standards of educational excellence.

What We Do

The Board of Education works with the Superintendent, the Chief Financial Officer and Administrative Cabinet to guarantee the judicious use of taxpayer funds while providing leadership that promotes increased student achievement at all grade levels. The Board approves administrative appointments, decides policies and procedures, meets regularly in open session to deliberate and decide the public's business, conducts Town Hall constituency meetings to maintain relationships with patrons, and advocates for the continued support of public education.


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