The accounting department, budgets, and audits office directs the record keeping for all financial operations and transactions of the school system, manages accounting procedures, and interprets financial transactions.

Faxing Number: 801-826-5377

Accounting Directory people

Name Position Phone
Gary Warwood Accounting Director 801 826-5340
Cindee Clawson Administrative Secretary to the Accounting Director 801 826-5341
Ladenea Jenkins (N-Z) Accounts Payable Secretary 801-826-5409
Brook Jeffries (G-M) Accounts Payable Secretary 801-826-5343
Marie Humphrey Accountant/Auditor 801-826-5407
Shawnna Nay Accountant 801-826-5359 
Cheryl Shaw (A-F), Utilities Accounts Payable Secretary 801-826-5457