Facilities Services



"Provide state of the art facilities for our students, community, and staff; rendering professional customer service with integrity."

Emergency Response: 801-255-1985

Facilities Directory people

Name Position Phone Ext. E-mail
Rick Conger Director of Facilities 801-826-5100
Natalie Salisbury Administrative Assistant 801-826-5101
Scott Taggart Assistant Director 801-826-5183
Mishele Mitchell Facilities Secretary 801-826-5114
Ryan Jakeman Facilities Coordinator 801-826-5135
Carl Patterson Facilities Coordinator 801-826-5133
Jake Thomas Facilities Coordinator 801-826-5157
Bob Ellis Maintenance Coordinator 801-826-5047
Jeannie Del Rio Maintenance Secretary 801-826-5075
Kevin Ray Risk Management Coordinator 801-826-5143
Christopher Eppler Energy Specialist 801-826-5048
Roger Wilcox Energy Services Assistant 801-330-7910
LynnAnn Day Facilities Scheduling 801-826-5039
Scott Cowdell Custodial/Grounds Coordinator 801-826-5175
Kathy Shapiro Part-time Custodial Secretary 801-826-5114

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Facilities: The Facilities Services Department is responsible for providing exceptional maintenance, custodial, and support services to all District physical facilities in order to provide a safe and clean environment for effective learning for all students, staff, and patrons.
Construction: The Construction Division is responsible for new construction, capital renovation, building, and remodeling; site upgrades, roof replacements and major repairs, all bond projects and the relocation of portable classrooms. This division is also responsible for all other small capital outlay projects including projector installations, computer room upgrades and asbestos removal and mitigation.
Custodial and Grounds Services: The Custodial and Grounds Division is responsible for all cleaning and custodial services, including minor to moderate maintenance tasks at each District facility. The Grounds Division, under the direction of the Custodial Coordinator, is responsible for all aspects of lawn and grounds care, including snow removal.
Energy Services: The Energy Services Division is responsible for energy-saving programs including lighting-upgrade projects, upgrading building climate control programs, and water management programs which include outdoor sprinkling system upgrades. The Energy Services Division is also responsible for all District facility utilities.
Facilities Scheduling: The Facility Scheduler is responsible for scheduling all field and play areas, gymnasiums, auditoriums, and designated conference rooms. These activities are coordinated with school officials, patrons, and city and county officials.
Maintenance: The Maintenance Division is responsible for all aspects of maintenance services. These services include electrical, plumbing, general trades and carpentry, painting, HVAC, and electronics services. It also maintains a very effective and efficient preventive maintenance program at each District facility.
Risk Management and Safety Services: The Risk Management Division is responsible for all fire and security alarm systems including car access. Risk Management is also responsible for safety and emergency awareness programs, hazardous waste programs, and Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliance. This division also works very closely with Insurance Services and other District departments involving workers compensation issues.
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