Registration mailSecondary school registration was a huge success this year! The Central Warehouse assisted in verifying student addresses, printing envelopes, along with pre-sorting and bagging all addressed envelopes before delivering to the schools.

After schools received their pre-sorted bags, school staff only had to insert their registration information then bundle and place the mail back into their original bags, ready to be mailed. The schools then called Warehouse staff who picked up the bags, paid postage and delivered all registration to the post office. This allowed school staff to remain at their respective locations and assist with other essential functions.

Schools that finished early with the insertion of their registration material were amazed at how quickly they received back information needed to register their students.

Thank you to the Office of School Accountability for their assistance in getting the student information prepared.


Tri-fold Science Fair Poster Boards:

Warehouse Number Description Price per Each
5105650 Paper Panel Science Fair please call



WAREHOUSE CATALOGS: These catalogs are for reference only.  For more detailed information about warehouse inventory, please look the item up in Skyward or call the Warehouse at 801-826-5303.


#NameLast Updated On
1School Supplies CatalogSchool Supplies Catalog (Details)Oct 09, 2014
2Custodial Supplies CatalogCustodial Supplies Catalog (Details)Oct 08, 2014

Warehouse Directory people

Name Position Phone
Chad Pulsipher Warehouse Manager 801-826-5309
Kari Johnson Warehouse Lead 801-826-5307
Wendy Draper Administrative Assistant 801-826-5303
Bob Benson Maintenance Warehouse (9150 S. 500 W.) 801-826-5025
Chris Crosby Central Warehouse Driver 801-826-5300
Daron Grover Central Warehouse Driver 801-826-5300
Cory Moffett Warehouseman 801-826-5300
Russell Neff Warehouseman 801-826-5300 
Wade Tanner Warehouse Receiving Clerk 801-826-5312
Lee Jennings Transportation Receiving Clerk 801-826-5268