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About More for 4

Ask any mother of a toddler. She'll tell you: Her little one is growing too fast.
The years pass quickly and those children who just a few years ago struggled to take their first steps are now walking into the schoolhouse doors for the first time.

The crayon-colorful days of learning the ABCs and 123s are exciting for children. But many parents of 3- and 4-year-old children wonder: Is my daughter ready for kindergarten? What can I do to help my son get off to a good academic start?

Canyons District's new "More for 4" Parent Academy is designed to help parents with those questions.

At the academies, which are provided at no charge, early childhood education specialists in the Canyons District give tips to parents on how to prepare their children for their first year of school.

"The aim of the More for 4 program is to work as partners with parents to support the growth of children in the areas of early literacy, numeracy, motor, language and social development so they can be successful in kindergarten," said Terri Mitchell, coordinator of Canyons' early childhood programs.

Mitchell says parents who attend the More for 4 Parent Academy are presented with tips to use in everyday life to prepare their children for school. For example, she says, parents could reinforce early knowledge of numbers and quantity by asking their child to count out five dinner plates in order to set the table. They also could ask their children to count the number of red cars they may see while running errands.

Both exercises are easy ways to help children learn about numbers and colors, she said. Participation in the More for 4 Parent Academy is not required. It is designed as a support for parents whose children will attend kindergarten in the coming year in Canyons School District.

Free, on-site child care are provided at the events, which are conducted inboth English and Spanish.


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