Canyon View Elementary

Principal: Brent Shaw
Address: 3050 E. 7800 South
Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121
Phone: (801) 826-8050
Fax: (801) 826-8051
Mascot: Cubs
School Colors: Gold & Blue
Web Site:

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Achievement Results

Canyon ViewCanyon View

#NameSizeAdded OnLast Updated OnUploaded By
1CANYON VIEW SCHOOL UCAS Report 2013CANYON VIEW SCHOOL UCAS Report 2013 (Details)504.57 KBMar 18, 2013Oct 03, 2013Hal Sanderson
2Canyon View Ele CRTs 2013Canyon View Ele CRTs 2013 (Details)299.23 KBNov 29, 2012Sep 30, 2013Hal Sanderson
32013 IOWA Canyon View Results2013 IOWA Canyon View Results (Details)80.75 KBFeb 16, 2011Dec 16, 2013Hal Sanderson

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2012-2013 UCAS Report

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