Thursday, 07 March 2013 19:42

CTEC Students 'Master the Mainframe'

CTEC students are making a name for themselves with IBM executives nationwide.

The students in Cody Henrichsen's IT Programming class placed 14th in IBM's 8th annual Master the Mainframe Contest, which included high school and college student contestants from across the United States and Canada. Additionally, CTEC student Sam Fuller was honored for being among the first students to complete, and without error, a set of extensive system programming and applications development tasks, ranking him in the top 60 contestants in the nation.

The Master the Mainframe Contest aims to equip students with skills to make them more competitive for jobs in the enterprise computing industry. The competition has two parts: "Breaking the Ice," and the more challenging "Practical Experience" categories. Fuller's win in the Practical Experience division was awarded with computer accessories and other prizes.

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