Wednesday, 18 January 2012 21:31

Grade Reconfiguration - How can I prepare myself?

  • You can improve your chances of transferring to the school of your choice by earning the "Highly Effective Teacher" status in your current 78617353-math-blackboard-320x320position, taking advantage of Canyons professional development opportunities (HYPE, etc.) and obtaining additional endorsement(s) in area of need, e.g. math, science, English language arts.
  • Endorsements help. If you're an elementary teacher, you're technically licensed to teach first- through eighth- grades. However, in order to teach seventh- and eighth-graders at a middle school, you would have to earn a subject-area endorsement.
  • A math endorsement also would be beneficial. Teachers with a Math Level 1 endorsement can teach sixth-grade core only. However, teachers with a Math Level 2 endorsement can teach up to Math 6, Common Core Math 7 and Common Core Math 8.
  • While it's not necessary to be coach or a club adviser to teach at a high school, high schools always need individuals to supervise activities, i.e., clubs, dances, etc. Coaching requires specific skills that you or may not have. If you're interested in extracurricular activities, please express your interest as you complete the electronic teacher transfer request.
  • The new grade configuration isn't implemented until fall 2013. In that time, the District's Office of Evidence-Based Learning, which oversees curriculum and professional development, will provide the appropriate professional development to support you if you change to a new teaching schedule.
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