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Headlines: Bond Proposal

Canyons Asks Taxpayers To Support $250 Million Bond
  • Connect2Utah (Channel 2 News), April 28, 2010 -- Canyons Board seeks $250 million bond; strong support voiced by Draper parents who attend informational meeting about proposal
Public Hearing Draws Positive Comments For Canyons District Bond
  • Deseret News, May 5, 2010 — It was mainly a big thumbs up for Canyons School District to go for a bond referendum as a couple dozen patrons gave their opinions to the school board in a hearing Tuesday night.
On Board: Canyons Board Urges Support of Proposed Bond
  • Draper Journal, May 6, 2010 — Members of Canyons Board of Education detail why they are asking residents to support a $250 million bond proposal in a column for the Valley Journals.

Cottonwood Heights Schools on Bond Priority List

  • Cottonwood/Holladay Journal, May 12, 2010 — Change may be coming soon to Brighton High, Butler Middle, Butler Elementary and other Canyons District schools. These schools have been placed on a high-priority list for either renovation or complete rebuilding within the next few years. The construction will have the dual purpose of accommodating the district's planned grade reconfiguration that will help schools focus on getting students ready for college, and updating the old buildings for today's safety and technology standards.
Canyons Proposes $250 Million Bond
  • KSL Channel 5, May 24, 2010 — Canyons Board of Education and Administration invite residents to the last few public information meetings about the proposed $250 million bond, which would be used to build a new high school and improve a dozen other existing schools.
Tribune Endorses Canyons' $250 Million Tax-Rate-Neutral Bond Proposal
  • Salt Lake Tribune, May 24, 2010 — "Utahns are rightly hesitant about going into debt after two years of a recession brought on primarily by people and financial institutions taking risks with theirs and other people's money. But a bond proposal in the Canyons School District to let the school board issue up to $250 million in new bonds is the right kind of debt for the right reasons. Voters would be smart to approve the bond on June 22."
Superintendent Doty Tells Deseret News Now Is A Good Time To Bond
  • Deseret News, May 24, 2010 — Canyons District Superintendent David S. Doty told the Deseret News that now is a good time to issue bonds for school construction and renovation. Construction costs are low, interest rates are down, and "this helps put people back to work," he said. 
Canyons Hosts Public Information Meetings About Bond
  • KTVX Channel 4, May 24, 2010 — If voters approve a proposed $250 million bond, "the district plans to build a new high school in Draper that would open in 2013. It would rebuild or renovate aging middle and elementary schools. And the money would forward the district's plan to better prepare students for college and their careers."
 Cottonwood Heights City Urges Support of Canyons District Bond
  • The Cottonwood Heights City Council has passed a resolution urging support of the Canyons School District bond during the June municipal election. Passage followed a presentation from district officials under the theme of "Innovating, Investing, Modernizing, Maximizing." Designed to provide money for infrastructure improvements and innovative programs, the bond is crafted in such a way that as the older Jordan School District bond is retired, the new bond would start receiving tax monies. This would result in no increase in property taxes while providing $250 million in new funding from the 20-year bond.
Deseret News Editorial Board Endorses Canyons District Bond Proposal
  • Deseret News, June 19, 2010 — "Vote YES. This is an important opportunity for Canyons School District patrons to put their money where their mouths are. Many advocates for the creation of the school district decried the poor condition of east-side schools. The fast-growing Jordan District, from which Canyons split, needed proceeds of previous building bonds to construct schools and school additions to keep up with growth on the district's west side."
Tribune Says Residents Would Be 'Prudent' To Approve Bond

  • Salt Lake Tribune, June 18, 2010 — Voters living in the Canyons School District would be prudent to vote "yes" on a bond proposal on Tuesday's ballot to upgrade aging schools and build a new high school. The $250 million education bond would pay for needed improvements to make schools safer and more comfortable. It would not increase the tax rate put in place to pay off the Canyons' share of an earlier bond approved when the district was part of the old Jordan School District. As that bond is paid off, new bonds would be sold for the Canyons projects, making this a tax rate-neutral proposition.
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