The top high school marketing educator in the state is at Jordan High

Teacher Angela Short, who is celebrating her 20th year as an educator, recently received the 2014 Marketing Teacher of the Year Award from the Utah Association of Career and Technology Education Teachers. 

Short was surprised with the honor at a state conference held at the Davis Conference Center. “I had no idea. I was shocked,” she said. “I almost missed it. I stepped out to grab a sandwich and made it back with a second to spare.” 

Her family, though, had been told about the award by the event organizers — and arrived in time to see her accept the prestigious award. “They kept trying to hide, dodging behind pillars,” she recalls with a little laugh. Their behavior at home the morning of the event should have tipped her off, she says. Her husband questioned her hairstyle choice and her daughter insisted on picking out her outfit for the day. 

“I thought it was odd they were so interested in the state DECA conference,” said Short, who received a plaque for the honor. “I am thrilled with my plaque. I keep it right by my desk.” 

Short works hard to make her class fun. There are a lot of hands-on lessons. Students leave her class knowing how to bolster a brand, build customer loyalty and create retail displays that are eye-catching and convenient for the customer. She advises the students who run Jordan’s school store, where students can buy snacks and supplies. In all, they’ve been able to make about $10,000 from the store. 

“Honestly, the best day of my life is when we have a discussion in class, when we are thinking through things …and seeing the world in a different way. There is something so satisfying in that,” she said. “My goal coming in was that my students would know that I care about them. I never know if I am the only one who is saying a kind word to these kids. I take that very seriously. Once you get that, that the ultimate goal is to make the students feel loved and have a good spot to come to every day, then the test scores come.”
The Canyons Board of Education today announces the historic selection of three finalists in the national search to appoint the District's next Superintendent.

The finalists, chosen after an exhaustive application-review and interview process, are the following veteran administrators and educators:
  • Dr. James Briscoe, Superintendent of Schools, DeKalb Community Unit School District No. 428 in DeKalb, Ill.
  • Craig Hammer, Executive Director of Secondary Schools, Washington County School District in St. George
  • Dr. Kathryn McCarrie, Assistant Superintendent and Chief Performance Officer, Canyons School District in Sandy, Utah
The seven-member Board of Education selected the finalists after completing three days of interviews with a select group of applicants from around the country. Canyons District's first-ever superintendent, Dr. David S. Doty, resigned in spring 2013 to lead a national education reform organization. Dr. Ginger Rhode has served as Interim Superintendent since July 1, 2013 and recently announced her intention to retire July 1, 2014.

"As a Board, we have been duly and thoroughly impressed with the quality of the candidates. It truly was a challenge to narrow the list to just three finalists," said Board President Sherril H. Taylor. "However, the Board remains dedicated to finding the best possible leader for the District, and we're confident in the skills, talents and experience of those who remain in consideration for this vitally important position."

Dr. James Briscoe
Craig Hammer
Dr. Kathryn McCarrie
Dr. Briscoe, who earned a Doctorate of Education at Northern Illinois University, has served for six years as the superintendent of a 6,200-student school district located about 50 miles west of Chicago. Prior to this appointment, he served as superintendent of a 1,800-student high school in Oak Lawn, Ill., and principal of high schools in Brookfield, Wis., and Round Lake, Ill. He also has been a classroom teacher. Hammer, who received a Master of Education at the University of Utah, has worked for seven years as the executive director of  secondary schools in the 28,000-student school district located in southern Utah. He also has worked for 15 years as a high school administrator, including 13 as principal of Dixie High School, and nine years as a classroom teacher.  Dr. McCarrie, the recipient of a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Utah, has been Assistant Superintendent since 2011. McCarrie was one of the first administrators appointed in CSD, serving for two years as the Executive Director of the Special Education Department. She also was Granite District's Special Education Director and Associate Director for nine and four years, respectively. In addition, McCarrie has worked as a principal, assistant principal, special-education coordinator, school psychologist and a special-education classroom teacher.

Members of the Board of Education plan to conduct additional interviews and site visits to the workplaces of the finalists. The Board aims to select the successful candidate in time for a July 1, 2014 start date.
Interim Superintendent Dr. Ginger Rhode, who played a major role in the launch of the Canyons School District and the creation and implementation of the District's academic plan, is retiring, effective July 1, 2014.

Dr. Rhode has served as Canyons’ Deputy Superintendent for Student Achievement and Chief Academic Officer since November 2008. She has served as Interim Superintendent since July 1, 2013, replacing Canyons' inaugural Superintendent Dr. David S. Doty, who resigned to take a position at a private education reform firm.

“Dr. Rhode has done an exemplary job of steering the District as Interim Superintendent during a critical time in our history,” said Sherril H. Taylor, President of the Canyons Board of Education. “Her steady leadership and unwavering focus on academic performance and college-readiness for all students have been key to ensuring a smooth transition for staff, students and parents in a year of unprecedented change, including districtwide boundary changes and grade reconfiguration. We all have benefited from her wisdom, professionalism, and good humor. We will miss her, and we wish her well in retirement.”

Dr. Rhode has a Ph.D. in Special Education from Utah State University and is a widely published author of numerous books on behavior management, including "The Tough Kid Book," which has received national recognition. A former special education teacher and principal, Dr. Rhode has worked as Davis School District's Director of Special Education, Director of Federal and State Programs and Coordinator of English as a Second Language Programs, and has extensive experience in school reform and improvement efforts. She has served as Special Education Coordinator and State and Federal Compliance Officer for the Utah State Office of Education and is an Adjunct Professor in the University of Utah's Educational Psychology Department.

The Board of Education is conducting a search for a new superintendent. The selection of a new District leader is expected to come by the end of the school year.
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I-CANyons Student Reports


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What's new on the Student Reports

The updated I-CANyons Student Reports will give parents of elementary school students a progress report for Term 1 and Term 2, and an End-of-Year Summary issued after Term 3 to reflect students' mastery of standards.

Term 1 and Term 2: How Your Student Is Progressing
The three indicators in Term 1 and Term 2 to report an elementary school student's understanding and progress toward mastery of the content are as follows:

    • 3: On Track at this Time - Student is on track to master this standard by the end of the school year.
    • 2: Progressing - Student is making progress toward meeting the standard at this time; sometimes demonstrating skills needed to meet standards, at other times showing a lack of understanding or ability to apply the concept or skills.
    • 1: Insufficient Progress - Student is showing risk of not mastering the standard by the end of the year and is receiving intervention support.

Term 3: How Your Student Did
An End-of-Year Summary is provided following the close of Term 3 at the end of the school year. It will contain three indicators that reflect mastery of the standards:

    • 3M: Mastered – Student has mastered this standard.
    • 2NYM: Not Yet Mastered – Student has mastered some but not all of the skills necessary to consistently apply this standard to future learning.
    • 1NYM: Not Yet Mastered – Student will require on-going intervention to master this standard.

 Why Replace Traditional Report Cards?

In the past, student grades have included subjective factors like attendance, effort, and attitude. In the I-Canyons Student Reports, student mastery and work habits are reported separately in order to give a more accurate report of student progress. The updated I-Canyons Student Reports reflect a student's current understanding of the content, as well as a student’s progress toward understanding the content.

Unlike letter grades, the I-CANyons Student Reports do not average lower scores that may have been earned in the beginning of the semester. This format is designed to give parents a clear understanding of what students have learned as a result of their experience in school. It also gives parents and teachers the tools they need to identify precisely where each individual child needs help.

 I-CANyons History

The I-Canyons Student Reports show student progress toward mastery of learning standards. They were crafted by Canyons District educators over two years' time and used in 92 classrooms in six CSD schools in 2012-2013 before their debut in the 2013-2014 school year.

The reports, updated for 2014-2015, will give parents specific information about their child's understanding of the content, now in a more informative, user-friendly format. They also give teachers and parents tools to help students succeed.

The I-Canyons Student Reports contain separate reports of the following:

  • A child's mastery of academic standards in language arts and math;
  • A child's learning skills that support academic success; and
  • A child's growth over time on grade-level benchmarks in language arts and math.

Details about the I-CANyons Student Report can be found in the modules on this page. Should you have additional questions, please contact your child's teacher or school's office, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Grading for Learning

k oconnorALearn about grading & reporting from an international expert: Ken O’Connor, author of two best-selling books, "How to Grade for Learning, K-12" and "A Repair Kit for Grading: 15 Fixes for Broken Grades." 

pdfParents - Why and What 
pdfParents - Why and What full

O'Connor, otherwise known as "The Grade Doctor," offered a free workshop titled "Changing Assessment and Grading: What and Why?" for parents, patrons and guardians of children in Canyons schools in summer 2014. O'Connor also conducted separate workshops with Canyons District principals and administrators during his visit to the District. A video of O'Connor's presentation can be found at iTunes U.
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Apex Award Nominations 2014

Each fall, Canyons District gives Apex Awards to educators, employees, local elected officials, corporate partners, community 
leaders and volunteers at a by-invitation-only event. This will be the fourth year CSD has honored outstanding educators, administrators and community supporters with Apex Awards.

Apex Award categories are: 
  •   Teacher of the Year 
  •   School Administrator of the Year
  •   District Administrator of the Year
  •   Business Partner of the Year
  •   Volunteer of the Year
  •   Elected Official of the Year
  •   Education Support Professional of the Year
  •   Legacy Award
Use this easy-to-use online tool to read more about the categories and to submit nominations.

Nominations for Apex Awards can be submitted for all categories except Teacher of the Year. Our Teacher of the Year is selected in the spring and is CSD’s nominee in the state Teacher of the Year competition.

Videos of previous winners can be accessed on our YouTube channel. 

Questions? Call Jeff Haney in the Office of Public Communications at 801-826-5084 or send a note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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