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Draper Park Middle School No. 1 in state for SAGE Middle School Language Arts scores; four other CSD middle schools -- Albion, Butler, Indian Hills, Eastmont -- rank in Top 25

Granite Elementary No. 1 in state for SAGE Elementary Science results; two other CSD schools -- Sunrise, Quail Hollow -- round out Utah's Top 25 


4 CSD schools -- Quail Hollow, Willow Springs, Granite, Willow Canyon -- in Utah's Top 25 for SAGE /Elementary Language Arts results

3 CSD schools -- Eastmont, Indian Hills and Draper Park -- in Utah's Top 25 for SAGE Middle School Science scores

2 CSD schools --  Draper Park, Albion -- in Utah's Top 25 for SAGE Middle School Math scores 

Corner Canyon in Utah's Top 25 for SAGE High School Language Arts scores

Brighton in Utah's Top 25 for SAGE High School Math scores

KSL-TV's 'Read Today' program celebrates achievements in 4 CSD elementary schools

Football: Corner Canyon finishes season undefeated; State Tourney to include 4, possibly 5 CSD schools

Football: Brighton, Jordan could give defending champs a stiff challenge in 5A State Tourney

Statewide SAGE results: Utah kids have a long way to go to be ready for college and career

Draper Park Middle School Ranked No. 1 - Language Arts

Granite Elementary School Ranked No. 1 - Science

Canyons School District students on average outperformed their Utah peers on most of the SAGE tests, in some areas by as many as 13 percentage points.

"This is an encouraging beginning for the District on these more rigorous state standards and assessments," said Dr. Jim Briscoe, Superintendent of Canyons School District. "The data reflect the hard work of our teachers in implementing the state standards and effectively utilizing our District curriculum, as well as their focus on research-based instructional practices. This strong achievement baseline indicates we are headed in the right direction with our Academic Plan."

State SAGE results are available for all school districts and schools on its website.

Elementary Schools

In elementary schools, Canyons is well above the state average in all eight SAGE tests. In English Language Arts, Canyons students on average performed 8 to 9 percentage points higher than the state.

3 Schools in the Top 25 - Science

4 Schools in the Top 25 - Language Arts

Middle Schools

In middle schools, Canyons is well above the state average in eight of the nine SAGE tests. For English Language Arts and Science, Canyons students on average performed 10 percentage points higher than the state.

5 of 8 Middle Schools in the Top 25 - English Language Arts 

3 Middle Schools in the Top 25 - Science 

2 Middle Schools in the Top 25 - Mathematics

High Schools

In high schools, Canyons is above the state average in five of the eight SAGE tests. High school English Language Arts scores are on average 4 to 5 percentage points higher than state results, and Secondary Math I results are 7 percentage points higher than state results.

Corner Canyon High School is in the Top 25 - English Language Arts

Brighton High School is in the Top 25 - Mathematics

Also of note: Canyons students did not take the Secondary Math III test last spring because Secondary Math III had not yet been implemented in Canyons as part of the new state core. However, Canyons' state report includes Secondary Math III scores of students who took the test in a previous school but who recently moved into Canyons District. Canyons is implementing Secondary Math III this school year, and looks forward to measuring student achievement in Secondary Math III in the spring 2015 SAGE testing period.

Utah students took the state-mandated SAGE tests for the first time in spring 2014. The tests were designed to measure more challenging state standards in mathematics, English language arts, and science. Because the SAGE tests are different from the CRTs, results of the two tests cannot be compared.

The SAGE tests are one of many measurements of student achievement. Other test data show rising student achievement in Canyons School District.

More information about SAGE, including FAQs and resources for parents, can be found at www.canyonsdistrict.org/sage.
Draper Park swept the sixth-annual CSD Middle School Intramural Cross Country Championship, with first place team and individual wins in both the boys and girls categories. The Vikings defeated competitors from all eight CSD middle schools at the Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014 competition at Eastmont Middle School. Teams consisted of the top three male runners and the top three female runners in sixth, seventh and eighth grades.

The event, coordinated by CSD Athletics Director Jamal Willis and Jordan High Athletics Director Brandon Watts, started with a Parade of Athletes, began with a parade of athletes, followed by a 1.5-mile cross country race around Eastmont's campus. Individual winners were awarded medals, and the fastest teams received trophies to be displayed at their respective schools.

The race is the 2014-2015 school year's first contest for the CSD Middle School Intramurals program, developed following input from parents in 2009 to promote healthy lifestyles and gauge interest for future competitive sports programs. Past CSD Middle School Intramurals tournaments have included chess, Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, and 3-on-3 basketball.

The Cross Country Championship results are:

Team Awards

1st Place - Draper Park
2nd Place - Indian Hills
3rd Place - Butler

1st Place - Draper Park
2nd Place - Albion
3rd Place - Indian Hills

Individual Awards


1st Place Willow Collins, Draper Park
2nd Place Kali Richardson, Draper Park
3rd Place Morgan Jensen, Indian Hills

1st Place Alex Harbertson, Draper Park
2nd Place Connor Cornia, Indian Hills
3rd Place David Evans-Olsen, Indian Hills

Eighth Grade:

1st Place Caitlin Webster
2nd Place Tammie Tan
3rd Place Paige Taylor

1st Place Connor Cornia
2nd Place David Evans-Olsen
3rd Place Warren McCarthy

Seventh Grade:

1st Place Kali Richardson
2nd Place Morgan Jensen
3rd Place Sara Gardenhire

1st Place Alex Harbertson
2nd Place Haaken Groth
3rd Place Zakia Kirby

Sixth Grade:

1st Place Willow Collins
2nd Place Maryn Granger
3rd Place Lydia Gibbs

1st Place Ian Mendenhall
2nd Place Nathan Soloman
3rd Place Justin Sebahor

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  • Summer is for relaxing with a cold drink in one hand and a good book in the other, right?  Not for seven teachers at Draper Park Middle School. .

    This group of energetic Canyons teachers hit the pavement in the relay-style, 200-mile Ragnar Relay Series in northern Utah. The Draper Park group, which adopted the name “Team Viking” after the middle school’s mascot, jogged day and night on the roads wending through such picturesque towns as Eden, Liberty and Mountain Green.

    In the Ragnar race — known for its runners that often sport crazy costumes and wacky team names — one runner on the team runs at a time. But each runner goes several times, with each leg ranging in length and difficulty. 

    The Draper Park team was formed when sixth-grade social studies teacher Kami Ambercrombie sent an e-mail message to all Draper Park faculty and staff, asking if anyone was interested in forming a team to tackle the grueling hills and dirt roads of the Wasatch Back. Those who responded soon found themselves putting in their training miles at the nearby Corner Canyon High, said art teacher Meghan Schott. 

    Schott was joined on the team by Ambercrombie; sixth-grade social studies teacher Brook Bergeson; eighth-grade math teacher Tania Kenney; seventh-grade science teacher Rhonda Clark; seventh-grade language arts teacher Whitney Lee; and eighth-grade U.S. history teacher Emily Nancy. Assistant Principal Dave Barrett supported his teachers by volunteering along the race route. 

    At the race, “Team Viking” caught the attention of a Deseret News photographer and photos of the bunch appeared on the cover of the Sunday, June 29, 2014 edition of the newspaper.

    Schott says that the group “had a blast” running the race.  “It definitely brought us all closer together,” she said, adding that the experience highlighted their respective organizational and communication skills, work ethic and good senses of humor.

    “Luckily, since we are middle school teachers we all have these qualities,” she said. “Also, the ability to take naps in a van was key.”

    Five Draper Park Middle School students have earned state awards for their creativity in essay-writing and video creation. The seventh-grade students in Utah Studies teacher Rick Bowman's class won top prizes in the seventh- through ninth-grade division of the Utah Water Conservancy Contest. The awards are as follows:

    Essay Division:

    - First Place and $250 cash award: Lauren Williams
    - Second Place and $100 cash award: Preston Woodward
    - Third Place and $50 cash award: Jason Casey

    Video Division:
    - First Place and $250 cash award: Brooke Meyers
    - Second Place and $100 cash award: Luke Hayes

    essay winners essay winners001 essay winners003 essay winners004 essay winners005

    Students enrolled ingrades 4-12 within the water District's eight counties were invited to submit a poem, essay or video pertaining to the contest's theme: "Starting Small. How kids can help their families conserve water." The top three winners in each category received a cash prize.

    More than 1,500 students entered the contest.
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