Oak Hollow Elementary School

Employee Vote on Social Security Coming Next Fall
The Board unanimously approved a resolution requiring an employee vote to determine whether Canyons will participate
in Social Security. The resolution also states the Board will provide timely notice of the referendum; prepare
and distribute to all employees thorough and accurate information about the issue independent of the Canyons Education
Association; and reiterated the Board’s commitment to put the District’s full contribution to Social Security
(6.2 percent of each employee’s salary) into a comparable employee retirement plan should employees vote not to
participate in Social Security.

Tentative Budget Approved
The Board approved a $198 million tentative budget that maintains class sizes, provides a step and lane increase on
the salary schedule, and funds seven professional development days and literacy specialists with one-time money.
In light of statewide budget cuts, the District pared back hiring in several departments, including purchasing, instruction
and curriculum, facilities and printing services. The budget also includes saving some one-time money to
fill budget holes next year.
A Truth-in-Taxation hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 4, at 7 p.m., as required by state code for new districts.
The proposed tax rate will be set to counterbalance a 12.1 percent decrease in the District’s assessed valuation and
will bring in the same amount of revenue in 2009-2010 as the District would have collected had it been in existence
in the 2008-2009 fiscal year.

“Dream Big” Writing Contest Winners, Teacher of the Year Recognized
The Board honored the winners of Canyons’ Dream Big Essay and Creative Writing Contest. They are: Elementary
Division: First Place, Aly Honey; Second Place, Evan Childs; Third Place, Katelyn Snyder, all fifth-graders at
Ridgecrest Elementary School. Secondary Division: First Place, Kristal McClain, ninth grade, Mount Jordan Middle;
Second Place, Christian Monik, ninth grade, Mount Jordan Middle; Third Place, Amie Bitter, 10th grade, Brighton
High. First-Place winners are invited to read their work at Canyons’ July 1 Opening Day ceremony at Alta
Lodge. The Board also recognized Canyons’ premiere Teacher of the Year Barb Scrafford, who teaches culinary arts
and special education at Brighton High School. District leaders named Mrs. Scrafford the Teacher of the Year at a
Brighton assembly last month.

Oak Hollow Elementary Spotlighted
The school will begin offering dual-immersion French-English this fall, a program that will reach into Social Studies,
Math, P.E. and other subject areas, Principal Rebecca Dallimore said. Ms. Dallimore also presented other school
initiatives, including a Wall of Fame, marked with handprints of students meeting reading goals or posting one
year’s worth of academic growth.

Board Action: The Board approved the consent agenda and ratified negotiated agreements with employees.
Study Session: The Board discussed the tentative budget and assigned members to various associations and groups.
The Board met in closed session to discuss negotiations and personnel matters.
--Jennifer Toomer-Cook
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