PTA Hosted Events

  • All PTA/PTSA must have their own Liability Insurance policy with limits in the amount $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,308,400 general aggregate.
  • A certificate of liability must be submitted at the beginning of each school year, no later than August 30th or a minimum of one week prior to the first PTA event, whichever comes first, to the Canyons Risk Management Office, c/o Kevin Ray, 9150 South 500 West, Sandy, UT  84020

General Events throughout the school year
  • Most events, i.e. school Reflections Awards, evening assemblies, Moms and Muffins, Dads and Donuts, fun runs that stay on school property and like events will be covered by your insurance, without going through this process. Events that involve the following absolutely have to have the event approved through the Canyons Risk Management office:

Hazardous Events

Aircraft/balloon events
Body Piercing
Bounce houses, inflatable play structures
Bungee jumping
On-site circuses and carnivals
Fun runs that go off of school property
Hang gliding
White water kayaking, rafting, canoeing
Mechanical amusement devices (bulls)
Motorcycle riding
Motorized sporting events      
Mountain/rock climbing; outdoor walls
Professional sporting activities
Racing-land vehicle, aircraft, watercraft
On-site riding on amusement rides
Rodeos/roping events (including practice)
Scuba diving
Skateboarding skydiving
Stage diving

Steps to hold a PTA/PTSA event at or on behalf of a Canyons School District School:
  • Decide on event and if a 3rd party is being hired (i.e. carnival company, fundraising company)
  • Have primary insurance issue a Certificate of Liability

  1. If no 3rd party company is hired, then primary will be PTA’s insurance
  2. If 3rd party company is hired, their insurance would be primary
  3. ALL insured entities have to be listed as “additional insured”Certificate of Liability, event date, time, place and the plan for the event would be submitted to Kevin Ray, Canyons Risk Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 801-826-5143. This needs to be submitted in a timely manner, prior to the event, preferably at least a month in advance, but no later than 1 week prior to the event.
    1. Example 1: if Corner Canyon PTSA is hosting a carnival and Fly By Night Carnival Company has been hired to provide rides and bounce houses, then Fly By Night Carnival Company would have their insurance issue a Certificate of Liability. On that certificate would be listed “Additional Insured: Corner Canyon PTSA, Corner Canyon High School, Canyons School District, Utah Office of Risk Management.”
    2. Example 2: If Alta High School PTSA hosts a fun run and no additional 3rd party company is needed, then Alta High School PTSA’s insurance company would issue a Certificate of Liability. On that certificate would be listed, “Additional Insured: Corner Canyon High School, Canyons School District, Utah Office of Risk Management. Also, if required by the city and if the fun run is going off of school property, it may need to list Sandy City.”
  4. Mr. Ray will approve of the event or decline the event and state why.
  5. If declined, the PTSA may fix any issues and resubmit for approval