Monday, 07 October 2013 15:02

National School Lunch Week

The theme of the 2013 National School Lunch Week, celebrated Oct. 14-17, 2013, is "School Lunch Across the USA."

The week will focus on celebrating regional flavors while also giving students a chance to sample foods from across the country. Students from Midvale to Manhattan will enjoy foods that are commonly served in their cities and towns.  

Every part of the country is known for different food—whether it’s New England chowder, southern black-eyed peas, Florida oranges, or southwestern salsa. “School Lunch Across the USA” allows you to celebrate the popular flavors in our own region, and across the country, too.

Come enjoy school lunch with your student. We've created a menu that features Utah-centric food, as well as items well-known in South Carolina and New York. 
  • Monday — Utah Day
  • Tuesday — South Carolina Day
  • Wednesday — New York Day
  • Thursday — No School — Fall Break
  • Friday — No School Fall Break