Friday, 25 February 2011 15:20

Freeze in Mexico Causing Poor Quality Produce for Schools

Freezing Produce in Mexico Freezing Produce in Mexico
Have you been grocery shopping lately for produce and have been shocked by the prices? You are not alone, Canyons School District Nutrition Services is feeling the pain as well. We have been informed by our various produce companies that produce is not good right now, and they don't know when the quality will be coming back. With the freezing temperatures in Mexico, large amounts of rain in Southern California, produce this winter has not been the best quality, not as readily available, and costing the district high prices for a poor product. Our goal is to still provide the students in the district, healthy balanced meals, which include fruits and vegetables, but we have to be a little more creative.
    With that said we will be working on creating a variety of canned and frozen fruits and vegetables to serve the students for the time being. Canned and frozen produce still provide ample vitamins and minerals to keep the student's bodies growing healthy and strong. Encourage your students to eat the fruits and vegetables at school lunch. They will be full for rest of the school day to learn, as well as, getting good nutrition to help them grow and stay healthy as we transition from winter to spring.

Cross your fingers, and hope the worst is over and we can have good quality produce this spring!!