Boundary Updates

Board Approves Elementary, High School Boundaries;
Gives Preliminary Nod to Middle School Boundaries

The Board on Tuesday, Nov. 15, preliminarily adopted a boundary map for Canyons District middle schools for future consideration. The Board voted for a Base Middle School Map, and an amendment by Board Vice President Sherril Taylor. With the adjustment, the map pdfProposed Middle School Boundary 11.15.11.pdf is redrawn to include the Sunrise Elementary community into Indian Hills Middle School.

Middle School Boundary Proposal Data 11.15.11

The Board also gave final approval to the pdfBoard Approved Elementary Boundary Map 11.15.11.pdf and pdfBoard Approved High School Boundary Map 11.15.11.pdf, both of which will take effect in the 2013-2014 school year.

Board Gives Preliminary Approval to Elementary, High School Boundaries

The Canyons Board of Education on Tuesday, Nov. 1, preliminarily adopted boundary maps for elementary and high schools for final consideration on Nov. 15. The Board gave preliminary approval to the pdfAdjusted Elementary School Boundary Proposal and pdfBoard High School Map Option 1.pdf, created by the Boundary Steering Committee in the spring.

The Board deferred discussion of the middle school boundary proposals until Nov. 15 to allow sufficient time for careful consideration and preliminary adoption. Final vote on the middle school boundary proposals would come Dec. 6.

Update - Board Timeline

The Board of Education on Tuesday, Oct. 4, began discussing the boundary proposals. The Board received an Adjusted Elementary School Boundary Proposal (pdfAdjusted Elementary School Boundary Proposal) based on public input received over the summer. The Board discussed the Boundary Committee Recommendations for middle and high schools in its Tuesday, Oct. 18 Study Session. The Board plans to draft a final proposal, to be posted on this site for public input. The Board next meets on Nov. 1. Click here to view Board Meeting agendas, posted at least 24 hours in advance of the Board Meetings.

Thank You For Your Input

Canyons School District thanks its patrons for the 1,472 comments submitted online regarding the 2013-2014 school boundary proposals. The Boundary Steering Committee of parents, teachers, school employees and principals used patron comments to revise their proposals and make final recommendations to the Board of Education on May 17. Patrons wishing to comment on the revised proposals can e-mail the Board of Education at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What was the Boundary Steering Committee’s task?

The Boundary Committee was established by the Canyons Board of Education in September 2010 to accomplish three goals:

  • Master plan school boundaries districtwide
  • Address future grade adjustments, school enrollment and capacity
  • Make way for a new high school

When would potential boundary changes take effect?

Potential boundary changes would take effect in the 2013-2014 school year to allow plenty of time to disseminate information and address busing and other matters related to boundary changes. The 2013-2014 school year also is the target date for grade reconfiguration and the opening of the new high school in Draper.

Why is the District planning to reconfigure grades?

In February 2010, the Canyons Board of Education voted to reconfigure grades as part of its academic plan to prepare all students for college and careers. In the 2013-2014 school year, the ninth grade will move into high schools, and the sixth grade will move into middle schools to better focus on high school preparation in secondary schools and strong basic skills in elementaries. Click here for more information on grade reconfiguration and the academic plan.

How would boundary changes impact open enrollment or special permits?

More than 6,000 students attend Canyons schools on open-enrollment and specialty-program permits. Students with permits for specialty programs, such as International Baccalaureate, SALTA and Dual Immersion, will not be affected by boundary changes because enrollments in specialty programs are determined by the District. However, should boundaries change, students who attend school with open enrollment permits will need to apply for permits in the winter prior to the 2013-2014 school year. Open-enrollment permits are based on building enrollment and capacity.

The District anticipates several high school students will want to stay in their current school following boundary changes. The District is working on a process to appropriately accommodate those requests. Additionally, the District has been in contact with the UHSAA to address eligibility issues associated with potential boundary changes.

Why don't the proposals keep kids together when they move from elementary to middle school, and middle school to high school?

The Boundary Steering Committee attempted, but was unable, to produce perfect school feeder systems. Canyons has 29 elementaries, eight middle schools and five high schools, making it mathematically impossible to create perfect feeder patterns. Also, enrollments are not perfectly even throughout District schools, and there’s not always enough room for a middle school to take in two or three full elementaries, for example.

What is the makeup of the Committee?

The 26-member Boundary Steering Committee includes:

  • 16 parents

o   Pods of four parents will represent each high school area (Alta, Brighton, Jordan and Hillcrest)

o   Each pod will consist of two parents with children in elementary school, one parent with a child or children in  middle school, and one parent with a child or children in high school

  • 2 school secretaries
  • 3 teachers representing elementary, middle and high schools
  • 3 principals representing elementary, middle and high schools
  • District Transportation Director Ken Spurlock
  • District Facilities Director Rick Conger

The Committee also has a District support team: K-16 Executive Director of Student Achievement Tamra Baker; Planning and Enrollment Director Ben Lems; Policy Coordinator Jeffrey Christensen; and Communications Director Jennifer Toomer-Cook.

What is the Committee’s thinking behind the Proposed Boundary Options?

Each proposal is accompanied by a rationalecontaining the Committee’s criteria, District parameters, and each option’s strengths and challenges. Option maps, supporting school enrollment, capacity, and feeder system data also is available at the above link.

What are the parameters and criteria the Committee followed?

The District-set parameters are:

  • Maintain current schools and locations
  • Eliminate pocket busing
  • Reconfigure schools to be grades K-5 elementaries, 6-8 middle schools and 9-12 high schools according to a February 2010 Board of Education vote

The criteria set by the Committee are:

  • Create community school boundaries
  • Target enrollments to not exceed 90 percent of each building’s capacity
  • For middle schools, balance enrollments

How can I give input?

Patrons can provide input on the Proposed Boundary Options by attending an Open House or by filling out the online input form.

Why would the new high school in Draper enroll fewer students?

Both Proposed Boundary Options for the new high school are based on the building’s initial targeted capacity of 1,500 students.

Why do both options have such high elementary enrollments in the District’s south?

Much of Canyons’ growth is centered in Draper, which has fewer elementary schools. The Committee suggests the Board of Education consider building an additional elementary in the District’s south.

Have cities been involved in creating safe walking routes?

The safety of students going to and from school was considered by the Committee, and cities have been notified of the Committee’s work. The District will further collaborate with cities to create safe walking routes once the Board approves boundaries.

What are the transportation costs or savings in each option?

Transportation costs at this point are estimated to be negligible.

Might school starting and ending times change with new boundaries?

Should boundaries change, bell and bus schedules will be examined to maximize busing resources, and some bell and bus schedules are likely to change.

Can the Proposed Boundary Options change?

Absolutely. The public’s input on the options is critical for the Committee to arrive at the best possible boundaries master plan. Public input will be taken from April 27 – May 12, 2011. The Committee will meet May 16 to weigh public input and adjust the options as needed. The Committee will complete its work when it makes final recommendations to the Board of Education on May 17, 2011.

When will a final decision be made?

The Board of Education will receive the Boundary Steering Committee’s final recommendations on May 17. The Board will deliberate and make a final decision when ready.

How can I find out more about the Committee’s work?

The Committee met most Wednesdays from 4 – 5 p.m. at the Canyons Administration Building, 9150 S. 500 West, in Sandy. The Committee’s meetings were open to the public. Meeting summaries are available online.

How does this Committee relate to the Enrollment and Facilities Task Force?

The Committee follows the work of the Enrollment and Facilities Task Force, which met from April to September 2009. The Task Force, which consisted of parents representing every Canyons school, recommended school boundaries be examined districtwide to address a number of issues, including ending pocket busing, or the practice of busing students from crowded schools in the south to less full schools outside of their neighborhoods; cleaning up high school feeder systems; maximizing current building use; and balancing middle school enrollments.  The Task Force also recommended the District secure a bond to address facility needs, and reconfigure grades as a tool to minimize boundary impact and improve academic success. The Canyons Board of Education approved grade reconfiguration in February 2010; voters approved a $250 million bond the following June.