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The new Brighton High School soccer fields are currently under construction. We look forward to having them completed and ready for play Fall 2015.

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The new Mount Jordan Middle school is well underway and will be ready for the 2015-2016 school year. It will be a beautiful school with Open spaces, Natural light and Space for the future. We are excited for the completion of this project.
Mount Jordan is rising. The first steel beams that will gird the weight of the new middle school are now standing tall at the construction site where crews have been working since 2013.

The new school, which is on target to open in fall 2015, was made possible by a $250 million bond that voters approved in spring 2010. 

At its opening, the new school’s hallways and classrooms will feature a lot of natural light, students and employees will enjoy a spacious cafeteria and commons area, and the gymnasium will hold two full courts, 14 basketball standards and an indoor running track.

In addition, a $1.5 million contribution from Sandy City will provide amenities in Mount Jordan’s new auditorium. The school community can look forward to a larger stage, spacious dressing rooms, and a state-of-the-art theatrical rigging system, among other amenities.

Board member Tracy Scott Cowdell, who worked with Sandy City leaders to form the auditorium-funding partnership, said his family is “looking forward to attending the many stellar performances by both students and community groups” at the school’s auditorium and theater. A recent Sandy Journal story spotlighted this CSD-Sandy City partnership and how much it will bring to the community.

But that’s not the only work that is being done in Canyons District this summer. To the end of improving the learning and working environment for our students and teachers, the Canyons Board of Education’s newly approved tentative budget sets aside some $7.5 million for small capital-facility projects.  Many projects are being done this summer. 

At Alta High, crews are hard at work on a remodeling project that includes converting a shop area into classrooms, the construction of four new tennis courts, installation of a new sprinkler system and a sawdust collector, and the replacement of grass with concrete on the east side of the gymnasium. At Brighton High, work continues on the soccer field that is being built in front of the new Butler Middle School. 

Also, Jordan Valley will receive an interior upgrade, including new carpets in the hallway and painted walls; Eastmont Middle will get a main waterline replacement; and Oakdale Elementary will have a site upgrade, which includes a new sprinkler system and other landscape improvements. 

In addition, Ridgecrest Elementarywill receive site upgrades, a new sprinkler system, parking lot upgrades, a new fire water line, a playground relocation and upgrade, and additional landscaping. Plans have also been made to put in new decorative fencing at Sandy Elementary, and lunchroom workers at Sprucewood Elementary will enjoy upgrades to the kitchen. 

Take a look at a Facebook album featuring many of our summer improvement projects.
In the final days of Corner Canyon High's first year of operations, a few pieces of history were sealed up in a time capsule so that future students, parents, teachers and supporters can catch a glimpse of what it was like to be an inaugural Charger. 

On Friday, May 30, 2014 Principal Mary Bailey, the school’s first principal, led student groups, employees and the crew that literally helped build the school from the ground up in a heartfelt ceremony to place mementos of the first year into the capsule, which is sealed behind a beautifully crafted stone on the front of the school.

This stone was the last piece to be placed in the school.  Its placement officially completes the construction of the school, which this week held its first-ever graduation ceremonies. Bailey, who placed in the capsule programs and information from the school year, mused that she “probably won’t be alive still when someone in the future decides to open this, but I hope it gives them” a good look at what it was like to be a part of the school’s founding. 

“It has been hard work and a lot of collaboration on so many people’s parts,” she said, “but we have created something great that will be a vital part of this community for generations to come.”

Representatives from Sandstrom Architecture, the firm that designed the school, and Hogan Construction, which built CCHS, contributed their business cards to the capsule so that the Chargers of the future would know who played pivotal roles in the hands-on construction of the building. In addition, the stonemason who hand-carved the stunning facestone, placed a trowel and a business card in the capsule.

Student groups placed items from their organizations and sports teams. Items included a facemask, kneepad, a signed volleyball and softball.  Students also put in photos of the first-ever elected boards, a written history of the school, a T-shirt, an inaugural pin, a first-edition yearbook and first-edition literary magazine. 

Probably one of the most identifiable time-period pieces to go in was an Apple iPhone 4 charging cord, contributed by a member of the technology club.

Another student placed in her copy of the bell schedule and sign-out sheet for the year. Canyons Board of Education President Sherril Taylor, as well as Canyons Interim Superintendent Ginger Rhode, plus Utah Rep. Greg Hughes, R-Draper, gave letters to be placed in the time capsule.

There is no set date for the opening of the time capsule — but the students who placed items will be parents, maybe even grandparents, when someone in the future decides to open the capsule to see all of the activities, people and events that took place when Corner Canyon High first opened its doors. 

In a poignant moment, after the students had returned to class, the two men who had laid all of the brick for the school stood in the parking lot and looked back on their work. “That building represents years of our lives,” said one of the men,“ and we just laid the last piece. It is a very special project to us.”

What’s In The Time Capsule?

  • Letter from Board President Sherril H. Taylor
  • Letter from Canyons Interim Superintendent Ginger Rhode
  • Letter from Utah Rep. Greg Hughes, R-Draper
  • The program of events and productions from throughout the year
  • USB drive containing the school’s blueprints and video of the dome drop
  • Safety vest from Hogan Construction
  • A “excusal” notepad and business cards from each CCHS counselor
  • Uniform shirts from the boys tennis team
  • Baseball, baseball hat from the baseball team
  • Signed ball from the softball team
  • A wooden heart from the CCHS Productions Company
  • Pictures of the PTSA Boards, sticker, written school history and inaugural pin
  • A cheerleader uniform
  • A shirt from the cross-country team
  • State championship game jersey from boys la crosse
  • A written copy of the school fight song
  • A dance company hat and video
  • A face mask and note from the football team
  • Signed knee pad from the volleyball team
  • Swim cap from the swim team
  • A basketball from hoops players
  • Picture and tennis ball from girl’s tennis team
  • A ball and picture from girl’s la crosse
  • Yearbook
  • Literary Magazine
  • Choir slide show
  • A golf tee and ball from the girl’s golf team
  • Picture of the wrestling team
  • “The Boss” mascot vest from FBLA students
  • A soccer ball from girl’s soccer team
  • A box of memories from student government officers
  • A paint brush from art students.
  • Apple iPhone 4 charging cord
  • Bell schedule and check-out slips
With swift kicks of soccer balls through goal posts by two Brighton High student athletes, the Canyons District community cheered the start of work on a soccer field in front of the newly rebuilt Butler Middle School.

Applause was constant at the Thursday, March 13, 2014 party to mark the start of work on the project, which will be the dedicated soccer field for the Brighton Bengals, home of the 2013 5A Girls Soccer State Champions..

To kickoff the project, members of Brighton’s girls and boys soccer teams bumped in the first-ever goals on the field. Immediately following the ceremonial goals, the Board of Education, District Administration, Brighton Principal Charisse Hilton and Butler Middle Principal Paula Logan, along with other CSD administrators and local dignitaries, turned the first dirt with golden-tipped shovels.

“It’s exciting to think that as early as this fall the Brighton High teams will be battling for more titles on the new field. This is a momentous occasion, and one that I won’t soon forget. I can’t wait for the first game on our new field,” said Canyons Board of Education member Kim Horiuchi.

“In so many ways, I consider this our very own ‘Field of Dreams,’ ” said Horiuchi, who spearheaded the proposal to build the field. “I foresee many years of recreation, competition, leadership and sportsmanship played out on this field. My thanks to everyone who is making this happen. “

The Board of Education on Tuesday, March 4, 2014 unanimously approved the plan to preserve open space and pursue the development of the soccer field in front of Butler Middle. The new school is one of the projects funded by the $250 million tax-rate-neutral bond generously approved by Canyons District voters in spring 2010.

Interim Superintendent Ginger Rhode also noted the success of the student athletes who prepared for their competitions at the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center and the new and improved Butler Park, with its acres of well-maintained grassy fields and eight tennis courts.  

“This little corner of Cottonwood Heights has become ground zero for creating champions in soccer, tennis and swimming,” Dr. Rhode said. “Right here, in a one-block radius, we have a recreation complex that has produced several state champions for Brighton High.”  

In addition to the title-holding girls soccer team, Brighton’s boys tennis team has topped the state tourney seven times and last year BHS players won state titles in singles and doubles competitions. Brighton also has the most accomplished swimming program in the state. Last year, both boys and girls swimmers, who train at the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center, won state championships, and this year the boys team won its sixth straight 5A state trophy.  

The new soccer field, which will be completed by Hughes Construction, is the latest in a string of improvement and revitalization projects undertaken at CSD schools and District property in Cottonwood Heights.

In addition to the construction and opening of the new Butler Middle, Canyons District has built Brighton’s new Bengal Building; added a new track at Brighton High for student and community runners; opened the new Mount View Park for the benefit of the entire community; and added playing fields and tennis courts where the old Cottonwood Heights Elementary once stood. Butler Elementary will be one of the schools rebuilt with money from the 2010 bond. It will be rebuilt on the school’s traditional and current site.  

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