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Board Meeting Summary
Insurance Provider Approved for 2014

The Board approved a new health insurance provider for Canyons employees, effective in January 2013. At that time, all District employees receiving health insurance will move to a new plan, a split between SelectHealth and Altius. A District Insurance Committee has been studying the issue for six months, and found the District would save up to $1.8 million by making the change. Although it was agreed that PEHP does a good job and is well liked by employees, the Board could not ignore the competitive pricing. The Board voted to approve the Committee's recommendation.

The new insurance plan won't affect employees' choice of doctors or hospitals when it is implemented in January 2013, as SelectHealth covers the Intermountain Healthcare network and Altius covers the non-IHC-affiliated Summit network. The 8 percent of District employees who pay additional money for the PEHP preferred plan would be slightly affected, however, as not all of that plan's networks are covered. The Board said further details of the new plan will be communicated to employees prior to the January 2013 implementation. For more information, visit Canyons' link to BoardDocs and click Agenda items 4A, 1B and 1C.

School Safety Drill Deemed Successful

The Board heard a report on the Active Shooter School Safety Drill from Risk Management Coordinator Kevin Ray and Public Engagement Coordinator Susan Edwards. The drill was conducted at Alta High School on June 18, and involved actors entering the school with guns. More than 60 student and staff volunteers participated as victims, and 60 law enforcement officers and 30 paramedics and fire crews from various agencies, including Sandy City and Valley Emergency Communications, responded in three different training scenarios. Representatives from Utah Risk Management, the Utah School Boards Association, and several school administrators also were involved, in addition to three camera crews hired by the Utah Division of Risk Management to create a statewide training video. The purpose was to plan, prepare and protect, if such a worst-case scenario ever happened at one of Canyons School District schools.

The District was praised for its professionalism, community communications efforts, and on-hand counselors to ensure a positive experience for participants. District leaders and Sandy Police reported receiving positive feedback. A follow-up meeting is scheduled for July 16, where participants will discuss what needs to be improved as a district if such a disaster were to occur. For more information, visit Canyons' link to BoardDocs and click Agenda item 1D.

Board Action
The Board approved the Consent Agenda, which included purchasing bids. For more information, visit Canyons' link to BoardDocs and click Agenda item 3A.

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