May 5, 2009

Jordan District Offices

Board Honors PTA Reflections Winners, Including Four National Award Recipients

The Board and Region 17 PTA leaders hosted an Open House and recognized 63 regional winners of the PTA Reflections
Contest. Four students -- Amelia Slama-Catron, Monika Kowalski, Julia Fu and Gracie Otto – also received
national Awards of Excellence. Honored were:

Film and Video: Nicholas Sontag, fifth grade, Granite; Devin Adams, second grade, Silver Mesa; Ben Mitchell, fifth
grade, Quail Hollow; Adam Essig, ninth grade, Butler; Nick Lives, ninth grade, Crescent View; Jerry Fu, seventh
grade, Midvale; and Patrick Allen Farrington, 12th grade, Jordan.

Theater: Savanah Newell, sixth grade, Lone Peak; Heather Homewood, second grade, Park Lane; David Wade,
fourth grade, Altaview; Shannon Luck, sixth grade, East Sandy; and Michael Zackrison, fifth grade, Peruvian Park.

Three-Dimensional Art: Calli Ann McDermott, kindergarten, Altara; Ireland Roth, third-grade, Draper; Billy
Brown, sixth-grade, Oakdale; Emmalee Thorn, fourth grade, Brookwood; Michael Murray, second grade, Brookwood;
Lexi Novasio, second grade, Canyon View; Duncan Kesler, fifth grade, Copperview; Hailee Hansen, 12th
grade, Alta; Jennifer McCune, 12th grade, Alta; and Julie Powell, 12th grade, Alta.

Dance: Blake Doty, first grade, Sunrise; Nicole Burnside, sixth grade, Granite; Alexis Morgan, sixth grade, Oak Hollow;
Samantha Shreeve, fifth grade, Peruvian Park; McKenlie Howell, third grade, Peruvian Park; McKayla Whitehead,
eighth grade, Midvale; Cece Otto, seventh grade, Midvale; Asia Pham, ninth grade, Butler; Lacey Simonich,
ninth grade, Butler; and Rebecca Westwood, ninth grade, Butler.

Visual Arts: Rivka White, first grade, Willow Canyon; Ashley Rice, fourth grade, Oak Hollow; Lexie Chidster, sixth
grade, Lone Peak; Summer Nebeker, third grade, Bella Vista; David Warr, sixth grade, Butler; Devin Adams, second
grade, Silver Mesa; Monika Kowalski, seventh grade, Butler; Cassidy Harmon, ninth grade, Butler; Sam Oleson,
ninth grade, Eastmont; Angie Schwendiman, eighth grade, Midvale; Chloe Boyd, 10th grade, Jordan; and Elizabeth
Pock, 10th grade, Alta.

Photography: Nicholas Sontag, fifth-grade, Granite; Kaylee Stirling, second grade, Brookwood; Nick Mitchell, second
grade, Quail Hollow; Joseph Morrell, sixth grade, Peruvian Park; Kylie Pekrul, 10th grade, Alta; and Mallory
Peterson, eighth grade, Crescent View.

Literature: Easton Harryman, second grade, Oak Hollow; Charisma Smith, first grade, Bell View; Amelia Slama-
Catron, second grade, Altaview; Kristen Fairbourn, fourth grade, Crescent; Jessica Christensen, sixth grade, Sunrise;
Lauren Redding, seventh grade, Albion; and Preston Quinn Johnson, eighth grade, Indian Hills.

Music: Gabrielle Tracy, first grade, Lone Peak; Kristen Fairbourn, fourth grade, Crescent; Julia Fu, second grade,
Ridgecrest; Alex Chung, second grade, Peruvian Park; Sarah White, fifth grade, Silver Mesa; Mary Nikols, sixth
grade, Butler; David Warr, sixth grade, Butler; Jerry Fu, seventh grade, Midvale; Devon Smith, Jordan High;
Jerika Michel, 12th grade, Brighton; and Katherine Dew, 12th grade, Brighton.

Student Choice Committee Reports Its Progress
At the invitation of Board Member Kevin Cromar, representatives of the committee, formed in November and
chaired by Indian Hills Middle School Assistant Principal Jody Wihongi, provided a status report by summarizing
for the Board the research they have conducted on programs for honors to at-risk students in elementary and middle
schools; extracurricular clubs and sports; and the lure of other school districts. A Dan Jones & Associates survey
also is underway to inform the committee and the Board. Committee members thanked the district for its leadership
and support, and said improvement proposals would come by July.

Board Recognition: The Board recognized leadership and negotiation teams of the Canyons Education Association
and the Canyons Classified Employees Association, and invited them to work with the Board in finding solutions to
budget constraints.

Communications Update: The District Communications Department reported on its premiere booth at Saturday’s
Midvale’s Cinco de Mayo celebration and progress made on district kickoff events planning.

Board, Superintendent, CFO reports: Board member Paul McCarty said as the Mexican Army triumphed over the
French on Cinco de Mayo, so could Canyons triumph over its challenges. Kevin Cromar talked about Albion Middle
School’s production of “Annie,” the District’s Enrollment and Facilities Use Task Force premiere meeting, the
Brighton High School Community Council Meeting, Brighton’s Empty Bowls Project benefit, and the upcoming
Quail Hollow Fun Run. Kim Horiuchi thanked Brighton High for hosting an informative community meeting, and
reported on the Canyons’ Cinco de Mayo booth and the Utah School Boards Association meeting in Park City. Superintendent
David Doty thanked District staff for their hard work. CFO Keith Bradford noted 56 days remain until
the District’s July 1 kickoff.

Study Session: The Board received an update on the Enrollment and Facilities Use Task Force; a report on School
and Institutional Trust Lands processes; and a draft Strategic Plan. CFO Keith Bradford provided the Board with
preliminary budget estimates and indicated that the Administration is on track to develop and submit a complete
budget proposal to the Board for its review and adoption in June. The Board met in closed session to discuss negotiations
--Jennifer Toomer-Cook