Board Meeting Summary, July 19, 2016

Note: Recordings and documents for agenda items can be accessed via BoardDocs by clicking the corresponding agenda items.

Adoption of High School Earth Science Textbook 

After receiving public input on a new high school Earth Science textbook, the Board unanimously voted to adopt the book as the recommended text for ninth-grade Earth Science classes. The textbook recommended by a review committee made up of CSD secondary-school teachers is Pearson’s 14th edition of “Earth Science,” by Tarbuck and Lutgens. The book aligns with the Utah State Earth Science Standards and contains an appropriate level of rigor and descriptions and diagrams of Earth processes that are easy to understand. The book also has QR codes that take students directly to short video lessons. There also is a Spanish version of the text.  

Proposed Changes to Parent School Support Group Policy 

The Board heard a second reading of proposed minor procedural changes to a policy that was created in 2015 to govern parent school support associations were presented to the Board for consideration. The changes to the Parent School Support Association/Organization came about after receiving feedback from the public. The changes would allow for a school community election to determine the designated parent-support group every five years. The group that seeks to be the official parent group also would need to submit to the District a notice of intent and application before Oct. 1 of the school year. In addition, according to the proposed changes, school employees who want to receive information regarding a parent school-support group would need to express the interest in writing to the Superintendent or designee.  The proposed changes also would give 30 days from the day the Board gives a notice of approval and verification for the group to file a petition for election. A community meeting also would be held to allow for all parents to hear from both the current official parent-support group and the petitioners. Per Board policy, the Board will consider the proposed changes again at a future meeting.

Additional Policy Updates

The Board heard first-reading draft updates to policies governing: student discipline; special accommodations for students with disabilities; and the evaluation of administrative staff and instructional licensed staff. The proposed changes are to better align CSD policies with current practice, Utah State Board of Education rules, and state and federal laws, said Policy Coordinator Jeff Christensen.

Consent Agenda 

The Board unanimously approved the consent agenda, including: purchasing bids; student overnight travel; hire and terminations; June financial reports; an inter-local agreement with the city of Cottonwood Heights regarding school resource officers; and the school bell schedule for 2016-2017. Board Vice President Steve Wrigley asked that the administration report back on Playworks, an anti-bullying program that teaches children to work through conflict without pushing, shoving or name-calling.

Decision Regarding Termination Appeal  

After hearing additional testimony, the Board unanimously voted to move forward with the originally proposed termination and notify the employee according to District policy.

Superintendent, Business Administrator Reports 

Superintendent Briscoe thanked the Board for making time to meet in the summer months.

Business Administrator Leon Wilcox thanked staff for all their work on the budget book, which was distributed to Board members.