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Board Meeting Summary July 14, 2015

Note: Recordings and documents for agenda items can be accessed via BoardDocs and by clicking the corresponding agenda items.

CSD Alternative School Named Diamond Ridge

CSD’s new alternative high school will be named Diamond Ridge. The Board unanimously approved the name, supported by the high school students currently receiving services at Entrada Adult High School, as well as the School Community Council and District Ad Hoc Alternative High School Committee. The name depicts CSD’s geographical surroundings and has particular significance to the students. For example, ski runs marked with diamonds indicate difficulty and challenge, with great rewards at the end. The word ridge suggests a high geographical point, beauty and vision. Diamond Ridge will be located on the Canyons Technical Education Center campus. It will begin offering services in the fall.

Proposed Parent Support Organization Policy Discussed

The Board discussed a proposed policy that would create a process by which parents could form a parent-support organization that is different than that currently recognized in the school. Board Second Vice President Nancy Tingey, who is a member of the Board’s policy committee, noted that the draft proposal seeks to reaffirm the Board’s commitment to parent and community participation in Canyons schools while establishing criteria and consistency for formal group formation and preserving the decision-making process at the local school community level. Superintendent Dr. Briscoe, who requested the draft, also noted that the proposal attempts to minimize disruption in the school community.

The proposal reflects the Board’s philosophy to recognize parent-support organizations in schools. It would require a group wanting to create a new parent support organization to gather signatures and submit them to the Superintendent. Next, the group would petition for an election. The proposed policy would designate a campaign period, election rules, and election ratification by the Board of Education. The parent support organization that prevails in the election would receive official recognition by the Board. Petitions to again change the parent support organization at a school could not be submitted for three years after the organization is established.

Dr. Briscoe said the policy was carefully drafted by several staff members and District leaders. Tingey said the next steps include receiving feedback from the public and Board, making revisions and bringing the proposal back to the Board for further discussion. Board President Sherril Taylor welcomed patron comments, which he said will be taken in the next two meetings in August.  He thanked the committee members for their work.

Board Action

The Board approved the Consent Agenda, including the June Financial Reports, June 9 Minutes, Board Hire and Termination Reports, Purchasing Bids, an Amendment to the Interlocal Agreement with Sandy City for the Mount Jordan Middle School Auditorium, a Superintendent Evaluation Instrument, and Student Overnight Travel for Corner Canyon Volleyball.

The Board voted to grant a Student Retention Appeal.

The Board voted to grant a Student Enrollment Permit Appeal.

Closed Session

The Board met in Closed Session for the purpose of discussing the character, professional competence, or physical or mental health of an individual.