• The first step is to start hiring department heads and critical positions for Corner Canyon High School. These positions will be available for internal transfers and external applicants.
  • A “Reconfiguration Teacher Transfer Window” will then open for current employees to interview for open positions prior to the Obligatory Transfer process, which is used every year to balance staffing among schools, depending on school needs. This is the first of two “teacher transfer windows.”

  • To facilitate the Obligatory Transfers, principals ask for volunteers willing to transfer to a new school. If no volunteers are found, teachers are then ranked according to years of continuous District service.  The rankings will determine who stays at the school and who is placed in a pool from which open positions at other schools are filled.  

  • There is not an appeals process for the Obligatory Transfers. However, after all the current employees are placed, if a position becomes available that an employee finds more desirable, the employee is welcome to apply to transfer to that position.

  • After the Obligatory Transfers, the second “teacher transfer window” is opened. This window gives current employees the opportunity to interview and be selected for desired positions along with prospective licensed candidates.

  • Teachers can apply for a transfer by submitting an electronic teacher transfer request within three days of the position being posted. Teachers can view open positions online and track their transfer requests. No signatures will be required.  

  • Beginning Dec. 3, 2012, employees will receive e-mail notification that the Reconfiguration Teacher Transfer Window is open and transfer opportunities are available.
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